Edit the following paragraphs about the Salem Witch Trials. Mark you changes in red. Identify what type of problem.

Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials There is abounding misconceptions about the Salem Witch Trials that took abode alfresco of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. Some anticipate that there absolutely were witches’ in Salem; still, others anticipate that women were austere at the stake. In absoluteness nineteen men and women were hanged but abounding added were confined including baby accouchement (Calson 324). the best adverse aspect of the salem witch trials is that it represents a abortion of a amends system, and Those who were accused were automatically affected to be guilty. Therefore those who were approved were never accustomed a fair trial.  The contest activate back a few adolescent girls became ill, and associates of the association began to accusation the Devil. From there outsiders in the association were accused of actuality witches and advertence with the devil. The accusations advance from there. A few months after alike the governors wife would be accused of actuality a witch. Although abounding theories abide as to why these contest took abode and why an credible alarm was able to advance through the Salem community. The best acceptable account for the Salem witch trials is that abounding factors was present, creating a absolute storm of hysteria. Religion money and ergot contagion were best acceptable to accusation for these adverse events.

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