Ecuador’s Adoption of Finland’s Education System


This analysis is focused on the best applicable solutions that Ecuador has to advance its educational system, based on assertive characteristics and key factors of the best apprenticeship arrangement in the apple that is Finnish according to the TEST PISA (2012). The three best achievable alternatives that can advance the Ecuadorian educational arrangement to acceleration in the baronial of apprenticeship worldwide. The accessible solutions are: first, agents will be added qualified, and appropriately blot added activating techniques; Second, baby classes will acquiesce for alone learning; And third, acceptance will advance accent and aesthetic abilities from an aboriginal age. Ecuadorians would be the ones who would account most, back a acceptable affection apprenticeship implies that the apprentice has a acceptable bookish akin at the bounded level, accordingly implies that he will be able to accomplish optimally in the approaching and in that way to advice in the bookish development of the country.

How Would Ecuador Account From Adopting Finland’s Apprenticeship System?

Tell me and I forget. Advise me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. (Benjamin Franklin, n.d), apprenticeship arrangement in Ecuador is not at college akin at bounded level, abundant beneath at common level, the Ecuadorian arrangement is based in anamnesis and huge amounts of tests, authoritative the classes arid for the students, additionally as Susan Segal (2016) said, the apprenticeship arrangement in Latin America is aged and uses a abnormal model. as a result, acceptance are adversity the consequences; the Latin American acceptance do not accept a affection education, and they accomplish the minimum akin of acquirements as apparent by the after-effects of the 2012 PISA TEST (para. 1).

Ecuador charge to change the arrangement education, Ecuador charge to focus and alpha from the bottom, this agency that Ecuador charge to alpha the change with the everyman level, from kinder garden, the accouchement charge to advance new abilities accompanying with adroitness and aggregation work, with these abilities they will alpha to add abundant acquirements fundamentals, this will advice them in their aisle of ability until their adulthood.

The best way to try a change is adopting the Finland apprenticeship system, which is the cardinal 1 according 2012 PISA TEST. Because the Finnish apprenticeship arrangement is the cardinal 1 all about the world, association thinks that their arrangement apprenticeship is strict, annoying and alike arid for their students. However, the absoluteness is the opposite, according to Dr. Tony Wagner from “The Finland Phenomenon“, accouchement advance a assertive affectionate of affection for acquirements and the acumen is the environment, a safety, admirable and abounding of aplomb ambiance amid students, teachers, parents and government actualize the absolute ambiance for apprentice (Compton, 2011). Ecuadorian acceptance can account from adopting Finland’s apprenticeship arrangement in three ways: first, agents will be added qualified, and appropriately blot added activating techniques; second, baby classes will acquiesce for alone learning; and third, acceptance will advance accent and aesthetic abilities from an aboriginal age.

First of all, one of the greatest appropriate that Ecuador charge to accept anatomy Finnish apprenticeship arrangement is advance to advise alone hiring professionals able with a master’s degree; according to William Doyle (2016), the minimum appeal for actuality a abecedary in Finland is accepting a master’s amount in education, in alternative with specialization in analysis and classroom convenance (para. 13).

Teachers with college amount of apprenticeship greater cardinal of knowledge, this is basically a fact. Due to agents accept a master’s amount they apperceive how to amusement with their students, agents can architecture and accept an ideal archetypal of acquirements for their acceptance with the final purpose to accomplish easier the compassionate of the ability imparted appear the students. The actuality that agents accept a master’s amount in apprenticeship makes it accessible for them to acquisition the simplest, best activating and ideal way to get acceptance to advance the way they blot knowledge.

Teachers besides of been axiological is the educational aspect they are additionally axiological in the affecting aspect. According to Edutopia Aggregation (2005), one important role that agents accept is to drillmaster a adviser their acceptance through their adorning journey; agents can administer the time abbreviation the lecturing time in classes for abacus added time to mentoring them. (para. 8). Agents can abutment to their acceptance giving to them action for learning, for archetype putting an exercise and the aboriginal 3 acceptance will accept added points, or giving candies for anniversary catechism able-bodied attended. Accepting bigger bookish alertness the abecedary will be bigger able to acclimate to the apprentice and advance bigger acquirements methods.

Second of all, A accustomed classroom in Ecuador is amid 30 to 50 students, this actuality makes to agents added difficult to booty ascendancy of the chic in every aspect, as the behavior of the acceptance or accepting abundant time to abode the doubts of all students. Meanwhile, in Finland the best accommodation is about 20 acceptance per anniversary classroom, this appropriate can break in an able way the problems ahead mentioned. Also, a capital abstraction is apparatus abstruse assets such as cyberbanking accessories as accoutrement for agents and acceptance with the cold of advance the bookish performance.

It is a analytic actuality all about the apple that while lower cardinal of acceptance in a classroom, college affection of learning; how is this possible? Well, according to OCDE, “There is a accepted acumen that… the admeasurement of the class, accepted as such, could be apparent as an indicator of the affection of the apprenticeship system.” (Education Indicators in Focus, 2012).

Third of all, the Finnish educational arrangement has a solid abject from the alpha of apprenticeship in their youngest students, it agency their kindergarten acceptance advance abounding abilities and habits for acquirements and behavior in-and-outside the class. Ecuador charge change from the basal of the bookish pyramid. Starting with a accomplished change in the educational arrangement with kindergarten students. Also, implementing the learning-through-play-based preschools and kindergartens.

Ecuador can restructure the methodologies and capacity of children’s centers throughout the country. After the action of restructuring Ecuador will be accessible for a approaching with a solid educational anatomy that will acquiesce a change with account to the new bearing to the antecedent generations, would be an educational anarchy that has as a advocate the kindergarten accouchement as Finnish educational system. Besides the restructuration of the educational system, the alternative all-important change in Ecuador would be apprenticeship of affection for everyone, it agency that whoever can accept apprenticeship absolute from the bread-and-butter or amusing situation.

The final footfall of the restructuring in the educational arrangement is to accommodate kindergarten acceptance with abilities and habits aggressive and accompanying to the educational world. According to William Doyle (2016), accouchement in Finnish schools not alone accept basal ability in math, accent and science. Finnish accouchement through learning-through-play-based preschools and kindergartens, this adjustment is acclimated to advise additional languages, arts, physic education, ethics, amid others. This affectionate of acquirements is all-important because accouchement will be able to advance absorption and cerebral focus (para.21). These fundaments will acquiesce to acceptance an bookish advance through their educational journey.

In Summary, if able-bodied the educational arrangement of Ecuador is not the affliction all about the world, is one of the affliction a Latin American level. Is for this acumen that the Ecuadorian educational arrangement charge to change. Due to Finnish educational arrangement is the cardinal one worldwide, the best recommendable advantage is adopting axiological attempt and characteristics from Finnish educational arrangement that acquiesce it to be the best in the world. In this way, we can change the approaching of Ecuador.

What Ecuador can accept from the educational arrangement of Finland are: adept amount teachers, added able agents will blot added activating techniques and bigger methods to advance the education. Also, developing arts and science abilities in an aboriginal age with learning-through-play-based preschools and kindergartens will acquiesce advance absorption and cerebral focus. Finally abbreviation the cardinal of acceptance per chic and abacus abstruse accoutrement as alone platforms area agents and acceptance can collaborate amid them and the use of applications developed to teach, for archetype Duolingo that advise english. In this way with this options Ecuador can change in the educational acreage for better.


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