ecs final reflection paper

basically aloof allocution about which account you anticipate is good, which one you anticipate can be delated for abutting semester. the assistant appetite to get some advices for re-choosing  the readings. can allocution the article:Hennchen, proof-copy the cultural, that there's specific and abundant account which are easier to accompany readers into what the beggarly topic..... requirement:Please abode about 3 pages absorption on the readings we did this semester.  Identify those that you anticipate were best advisory or helped accommodate you with a new or alternating angle on ecology problems and decisions about how to abode them. Explain what it was about those readings (style of writing, methodology, accountable matter) that afflicted you.  Did any of the readings bang you as not awfully valuable?  If so, what were their specific deficits (again, you can accredit to autograph style, methodology, or alternative aspects). Are there capacity that you would accept admired to accept added readings about?   What are some key takeaways from our semester's account of readings--ideas or learnings that you accept affiliated to your alternative studies or to your broader compassionate of the human-environment relationship?

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