economics project

  data is on aloof go to this website and bang chase cpi aggrandizement rate, m1 money advance and m2 money advance for the us. Using abstracts from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis FRED database, blueprint the CPI aggrandizement rate, M1 money growth, and M2 money advance for the US annually for the accomplished 20 years. Briefly accompaniment beneath your blueprint (on the Excel spreadsheet) if the aggrandizement amount added carefully follows the advance in M1 or M2, and explain why this ability be the case. 2) Using the aforementioned abstracts source, blueprint the CPI aggrandizement amount adjoin the 3 ages Treasury bill absorption amount and the 10 year government band absorption amount for the aforementioned 20 year time period. Briefly accompaniment beneath your blueprint if the 3 ages or 10 year absorption amount is added acute to changes in inflation, and explain why this ability be the case. 3) For your one folio arbitrary brief, altercate the appulse that an access in the accepted aggrandizement amount would accept on your optimal portfolio allocation at this date of your activity (you may accept that you accept a portfolio of $100K for this exercise). Be as specific as possible. (e.g. What alternative bread-and-butter factors would affect your decision?, Does the accepted business aeon amount for your choice?, etc.) data is on just go to website

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