Review Lesson 11 Directions: Acknowledgment anniversary of the questions below. 1. List bristles accessible appurtenances you accept activated in the accomplished month. Put a "yes" or "no" abutting to each, advertence if this accessible acceptable could accept been acquired through the clandestine sector. Do you anticipate it is bigger for the accessible if these appurtenances are provided by the government or by clandestine companies? Why or why not?   2. Why does government angel accessible busline back best bodies do not use it? Is there accessible busline in your community? If so, what type? Why should a being use accessible busline if he or she does not accept to?   3. What are some government provided appurtenances or casework that you accept benefited from but that you or your ancestors accept not anon paid for?   4. What are some appurtenances or casework provided or subsidized by the government that advice accord according admission to all citizens' of the United States? 5. Do you anticipate it helps or hurts the abridgement back government subsidizes a product? Accord an archetype of a bearings back it both helps some bodies and hurts alternative bodies back a artefact is subsidized. <<<<< acknowledgment these questions and blazon them on microsoft word…. i will payyyyy no added than 230$ and you accept to accord me the answers afore i payyyyyy ok…i will do no bottomward payyyyyy ments until i get the answers text me on whatsapp…. +1 252 452 8315 argument me now!!!

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