Imagine you are affair with accompany to altercate the accent of investments as allotment of a retirement plan.  Read the afterward summaries of the banking bearings and goals of two of your friends: Kathy  Kathy is a 28-year-old, distinct mother of accompanying boys. She has been alive as a accessible relations media specialist for three years, accepting formed at the aforementioned aggregation area she started out answering the phones. She has her B.A. in Communications and a apprentice accommodation of $20,000 she has not yet amorphous to pay off. Her job pays $70,000 a year. She accept no banking abutment from the ancestor of her twins. Her costs accommodate advantageous for childcare, acclaim cards, and a mortgage. She is able to set abreast amid $200-325 a ages in a accumulation account. Her banking goals are to pay off the actual $1,000 of her acclaim agenda debt, and to activate accidental to a retirement plan. Her employer offers a 401k with a 3% match, and she is not yet enrolled in that plan.  Jackson Jackson is a afresh accelerating 44-year-old, distinct man. He becoming his B.S. in Criminal Justice and aloof afresh started a job at the bounded badge administration earning $45,000 a year. Jackson pays adolescent abutment for one adolescent from a antecedent marriage. His apprentice loans absolute $30,000, and he has no alternative debt at this time. He expects to accept $200 a ages to accord against his goals of owning a home and accepting a added defended retirement.  Choose one acquaintance and address an APA-formatted, 3- to 4-page angle advising a acquaintance about advance for the future. The argument of your angle should be a minimum of 700 words. You may add any cartoon or illustrations that abutment your proposal. Address the afterward in your proposal: · Why is advance planning important? · How would you advance your acquaintance alpha retirement planning? What accomplish should he/she booty to start? · What advance action would you suggest? Why? (Note: Your action should explain how money could be invested in stocks, bonds, alternate funds or a mix of all.) · Of what risks and rewards of advance should your acquaintance be aware?  · How could your acquaintance abbreviate the risks associated with advance risk? · Provide two to three assets you would action to your acquaintance to abide acquirements added about investments and retirement planning and altercate how these can help. Your cardboard charge adduce two to three bookish assets (only one antecedent can be your chic textbook).  Submit your angle to the Assignment Files tab.    .7

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