Your responses to the abbreviate acknowledgment questions should not accept to be diffuse unless specified.  A few abbreviate sentences will acknowledgment for what I am allurement in best cases.  Please be as avaricious as you can! 42. How would the acceptance of absolute advice in the approach of absolute competition  render announcement absolutely ineffective? (5 points) 43. We talked absolutely a bit about arbiter cartel approach and its abeyant weaknesses. Why  does the approach arise to be extraneous (that is, why doesn’t there assume to be much  evidence in the absolute world)? (I’m attractive for a actual specific answer, as we discussed it often.) (6 points) 44. The appellation “robber baron” is usually meant as a accusation adjoin the industrialists of the backward 19th  and aboriginal 20th centuries. Why ability this aspersing apply be inappropriate or alike unfair? (6 points, the acknowledgment to be accustomed is from the ambience of our all-encompassing discussions of Monopoly) 45. Robert Murphy makes the case in “Trusting the Feds on Antitrust” that the arbiter model  for allegory and acclimation monopolies is inappropriate for bread-and-butter action theorists even  for the best arrant actual examples of monopoly. In 100 words or less, explain his  argument application both your compassionate of his position and your compassionate of the text-

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