econ writing assignment

For the second assignment,  write about one of the capacity listed below.  Potential Writing Appointment Topics: I. Discuss a specific archetype of a government action that has been accustomed for the purpose of attention the environment. Be abiding to accommodate a antecedent from an economist discussing this policy. II. Discuss a specific archetype of a U.S. government action to restrict imports. Possible Topics: Jones act III. Discuss the role of agronomical subsidies in the U.S.  IV. Discuss a specific ecology bazaar acclimated in the U.S.  Possible Topics: California Cap-and Trade IV. Discuss the appulse of monopolies on bazaar efficiency. What is the appulse on consumers? Industry innovation? V. Price Discrimination Word Count: 250-450 words Writing (15 points) Write formally. Avoid phrases such as "I think" or "in my opinion" or "as you can see" Use abounding sentences Spell-check include references (i.e. account source, textbook, APA format) Re-read your appointment 1-2 times afore axis it in.  Don't Plagiarize Content (35 Points) (I) Briefly and in your own words, abridge the action and its purpose (1-2 paragraph) (15 points). (II) Analyze the bread-and-butter impacts of your affair on consumer/producer abundance (or alternative capacity covered in class) (20 points)  You may accept to accommodate a graph, but this is not necessary.

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