Answer the afterward questions. When it needs accompany examples, references and in-text citations. Do chase APA appearance throughout your writing. Answers should be minimum 2 pages, bifold space, Times New Romans. 1.       When the abomination amount avalanche in the breadth about a factory, what apparently happens to  wages at the factory? Explain logically. 2.       Consider the afterward accumulation and appeal table for bread. Draw accumulation and appeal ambit and mark the calm amount and quantity? Price($)     Quantity supplied       Quantity demanded 1                          10                                      75 2                           20                                     55 3                           35                                      35 4                           50                                        25 5                           60                                         10 3.       Immigration is a actuality of activity in the United States. This will advance to a big addition in the activity supply. What acreage would you rather be in: a acreage area the appeal for your affectionate of activity is elastic, or a acreage area the appeal for affectionate of activity is inelastic? Explain?

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