ECE 601:Due Sun. May 27th 10-15 Slides (Use attachment as an EXAMPLE)

  For your Final Project, you will accommodate the ability that you accept acquired on a called affair from this advance with able advancement for children. In a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including abstracted appellation and advertence slides), advance a action angle for implementing the changes that you seek. Remember that a presentation is altered from a paper, so it shouldn’t accommodate too abounding words on a distinct slide. Use the addendum area at the basal of the accelerate to busy on the key credibility of your slide. Please accommodate the afterward in your presentation: Clearly call your called topic, how it currently exists, and at atomic two changes you achievement to implement. Parts of this description should appear from the account from the outline you created aftermost week. Use examples to allegorize your affair and abutment your description with at atomic one bookish source, in accession to your text. Possible capacity include, but are not bound to, assessment, abecedary alertness and professionalism, inclusion, diversity, class development, and ancestors engagement. Clearly accompaniment your apriorism account that should breeze from your rationale. Summarize anniversary of the three arenas for adolescent advocacy: public, private, and personal. Provide examples to allegorize anniversary arena, and abutment your arbitrary with at atomic one bookish antecedent in accession to the advance text. Using the “Strategies for Advocacy” listed in Chapter Eighteen of your text, advance a specific plan to apparatus your changes. Accommodate at atomic two strategies for all three arenas of adolescent advancement and at atomic one bookish antecedent in accession to your text. Format your presentation according to APA appearance as categorical in the Ashford Writing Center. Accommodate a advertence accelerate that lists the advance argument and at atomic three added bookish sources (see #1, #3, and #4).

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