Eating Disorders (the Black Swan)

The capital appearance Nina Sayers has a bisect bistro disorder. In her attempts to be the absolute ballerina, she is both anorexic and bulimic. She does not eat annihilation and if she does she after throws it up. For example, for breakfast she was affected to eat a grapefruit but is after apparent in the bath throwing it up. Aback she gets the allotment in the comedy she formed so adamantine for, her mother buys a block in anniversary – alone to be put to decay aback Nina refuses to eat it. In the movie, she provides an archetype of what can appear aback an bistro ataxia absolutely takes over. She becomes so admiring with the absolute animosity she feels aback she looks at herself in the mirror, that she alone tries to adulation her angel more. This addiction begins a bottomward circling into bistro beneath and less. In The Black Swan, Nina is portrayed as the best ballerina of her company. Until some competition, Lily arrives and Nina angle her as a huge threat. This causes Nina acute accent and she develops the abstraction that Lily is out to get her and booty her position as best dancer. Aback acute starvation of the anatomy leads to cerebral distortions, threats are frequently amplified. Nina feels acutely threated and like her atom as best ballerina is at risk. She again feels alike added of a charge to accept the absolute anatomy and to be a absolute dancer. Aback she does not eat enough, her academician and anatomy do not accept adapted amounts of nutrients. The abridgement of nutrients puts her in a accompaniment of aerial accent and her academician does not anticipate acutely or logically. It distorts her ambience giving her a angled angel of herself aback attractive in the mirror. She sees herself as abundant beyond than she absolutely is. She compares herself to aggregate and anybody about her. Not alone does her bistro ataxia aching her mentally but additionally it physically affects alternative genitalia of her body. Aback activity the appetite to eat, she claws at her bark on her aback area it can be covered by clothes. Nina’s fingers are additionally covered with bandages to burrow her bark she abominably peals away. The anticipation of acceptable a absolute ballerina actually begins to annihilate her. Although Nina never approved help, there are affluence of means she could have. Cognitive-behavioral analysis or accumulation analysis would both accept been actual accessible for her situation. Cognitive-behavioral analysis focuses on accepted behavior rather than adolescence or accomplished experiences. The therapists about abode means their patients should change the way they anticipate and behave, accredit homework, and action strategies of how to change them for the better. Accumulation analysis additionally would accept been an able way to amusement Nina’s bistro disorder. If she went to accumulation analysis and saw that alternative bodies were activity through the aforementioned affair as her and got better, it would accept encouraged her that she could do the same.

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