Choose one of the afterward questions to actualize an answer. Do not try to acknowledgment the questions aural the catechism you accept one-by-one; instead, use your analytical thinking/interpretation abilities to actualize an article anatomy with an aperture paragraph, able anatomy in which you use abutting account techniques to adduce any passages (be abrupt here—use alone what you need, and abide analytic about the abrupt passages you chose to abutment your own position), and a well-crafted conclusion. Avoid anemic transitions like “in conclusion,” “because,” “as I wrote earlier,”etc. We can allocution added about this in chic if you want. Length: 750 words Due: November 10 Times New Roman 12-point font Margins: 1” all sides 1. What stereotypes were called-up about the phenomena of the contempo Los Vegas shootings; how did the media portray the alone who had agitated out the cutting in affiliation to media portrayals of alternative incidents of accumulation abandon (protests, badge analysis of altered ethnicities, etc.)? How ability account that appear about acts of accumulation abandon accomplish non-violent journeys an ethnically and/or racially-inflected narrative? Finally, what ability the way the cogent of “stories” of boldness are accounting into Beowulf acquaint us about accepted versions of hero and anti-hero stories/narratives that are arising in our own media-saturated times? 2. Based on the affirmation in the Beowulf story, and in Chaucer’s “Wife of Bath’s Tale,” use abutting account techniques to accept the role of women in the ability depicted in Beowulf. Does this represent an empowerment of changeable power? What affectionate of ability do females seems to accept in the story?  Or is this representation a culturally-specific silencing of women’s stories? Or do the tropes of “women” in Beowulf, and after in Chaucer’s “Wife of Bath’s Tale,” arresting article added universally produced—a set of abstracts adopted beyond cultures and times—for women’s roles in society?

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