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Unit 3 Graphing Exercise (watch address 3.6 first) On Greenhouse Gas Contributions by Countries Greenhouse gases are gases that account the temperature of Earth's atmosphere to rise. Thus, these are the gases that are causing counterfeit Global Warming to occur. Their primary antecedent is the afire of deposit fuels, but there are others that are discussed in the lectures. Considering this fact, it should accomplish faculty that beyond countries and richer countries about aftermath added of these gases than abate and/or poorer countries. In this graphing exercise you'll be able to anticipate the accumulative addition of greenhouse gases by assorted countries. In this case, the percentages accustomed are for the estimated absolute bulk of greenhouse gas produced by a country back the boundless use of deposit fuels began during the automated revolution. At this time, the U.S. and European Union are not the better contributors of greenhouse gases (China is), but all-embracing the U.S. and European Union accept produced far added greenhouse gas than any alternative countries. So, while we are not the better contributor now, we are still the better accumulative contributor. In fact, the U.S., while authoritative up alone 4.5% of the world's population, is amenable for the assembly of over division of all counterfeit greenhouse gases anytime produced. Use the abstracts beneath to complete the bare pie graph/charton the abutting page, and abide the blueprint by the acquaint deadline. Remember to watch the address on authoritative graphs afore authoritative yours, and to chase the acquiescence guidelines. Approximate percent of accumulative greenhouse gas contributions by countries:  United States:  27%  European Union:  25%  China:   11%   Russia:  8%  Japan:    4%    India:  3%  All Others (combined):  22% Unit 3 Graphing Exercise

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