E-Business-Issues and Challenges

E-Business – Issues and Challenges Ashmita Paul Abstract In today’s business climate, e-business can accept an appulse on every angle of the organization, including accumulation alternation management, leasing, non-cash payment, mail adjustment business or the acceleration of account economy. As said by Lou Gerstner, ex CEO of IBM, “E-business is all about time cycle, speed, globalization, added productivity, extensive new barter and administration ability beyond institutions for aggressive advantage”. E-business is transforming companies and industries, at an accelerating rate. Business cycles that acclimated to be abstinent in years are now abstinent in days. This cardboard deals with the assorted issues of e-business as able-bodied as the challenges actuality faced. Issues can be abstruse and non-technological. Abstruse issues advised accommodate telecommunication, hardware, software and the availability of abstruse accomplishment sets. Non-technological issues are generally accompanying to bookish acreage concerns, copyright, trademark, credit/cash behavior and privacy. As companies accept accepted the internet as a business medium, they accept apparent that their better claiming is not alone establishing connectivity and basement but is the safe and defended manual and acute information. This cardboard focussed on arising issues of e-business that are added high-up and ascetic in developing and arising economies. An attack has additionally been fabricated in the cardboard to bandy ablaze on the challenges to e-business that are added accompanying to deepening success factors, establishing barriers to failure, abbreviating barriers to success and angry the abortion factors. Key words: E-Business, Technological, Non-Technological, Challenges.

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