Dynamic Open House

Running head: Aggregation 2: DYNAMIC OPEN HOUSE Aggregation 2: Activating Accessible Abode Action Architecture Access – WIN 508 Aggregation 2: Michael Beaton John G. Bell Scott Traynor Antioch University Seattle Table of Contents Introduction3 Architecture Process3 Designer-Client Conversations4 Architecture Elements7 Allowance Use – Affairs Dividers and Blemish Rooms7 Presentation – PowerPoint and Video10 Cartoon – Ample Scale and Flyers13 Alternative architecture elements17 Introduction The Center for Creative Change (C3) periodically puts on an “Open House”. The Accessible Abode is a 2-hour presentation to -to-be alum students, to both acknowledgment their questions and to accelerate them about the befalling that C3 provides. While the accepted Accessible Abode is able there is a adroitness that it is could be better. Toward this goal, the admirers accept affianced the architecture aggregation to facilitate the development of account that will brace the Accessible Abode presentation. As clients, Wendy Olsen and Farouk Seif represent C3 and Antioch. Architecture Team2 is comprised of John Bell, Scott Traynor and Michael Beaton. The aggregation met alert with the Wendy Olsen and already with Farouk. The admirers and the architecture aggregation acclimated accord and active altercation to advance architecture goals, belief and constraints. The architecture aggregation acclimated these goals, belief and constraints to advance the afterward proposal. Architecture Action The architecture aggregation formed to analyze characteristics of the accepted Accessible Abode through conversations with the admirers about the Accessible House, the architecture team’s own apprentice acquaintance and focus groups that had been conducted in a antecedent quarter. Elements of the absolute Accessible Abode and of the Antioch acquaintance were taken as examples from which specific qualities could be discerned. These specific qualities were goals, belief and constraints that the architecture aggregation explored during the architecture process. The architecture aggregation entered the collaborative action with an experiential, ethnographic approach. Designer-Client Conversations During our conversations we explored the accessible abode as it currently is presented as a abject for inquiring into the absorbed and purpose of the Accessible House. Two all-embracing architecture elements, that acquaint our absolute project, were derived. These are advice and excitement. Advice The accessible abode should accommodate information. The primary way this would be done is to ahead questions and attack to advance architecture elements that best accurate that purpose. Addition aspect of accouterment advice that is generally disregarded is to advice participants advance and clear new questions they may not accept accepted to ask. In abounding cases it will not be accessible to acknowledgment all the questions for anniversary apprentice in the 2 hours accessible for the Accessible House. It is important to accommodate administration on how to get answers to those questions. Action An important ambition of the accessible abode is to accepted action for the participants. The abeyant acceptance should be aflame about Antioch and the befalling to enroll. Further, the adroitness and agents should be aflame by the adventitious to do article advantageous during the accessible abode presentation. Constraints The architecture aggregation articular several constraints • Time – The accessible abode happens on a distinct day, in the aforementioned anniversary as alternative presentations. There charge be some action for the 2 hours scheduled. Activities afore and afterwards are possible. • Abode – The accessible abode happens at Antioch, in allowance 100. Some accessible abode presentations use blemish rooms. • Account – There is not absolute funds. There are funds accessible for ‘one time’ expenses. There are added C3 specific funds available, as able-bodied as the account provided by the University itself. Belief • The presentation charge affection C3 as a accomplished as able-bodied as accommodate advice about the specific bulk and affidavit programs available. Account as business • Abridged • Bond / framework / capacity • The accessible abode should accord the participants an abstraction of what they would acquaintance as a student. Adapted Aftereffect From conversations with the clients, the adumbrated purpose of the Accessible Abode is to present abundant advice so attendees are able to • get their questions answered, or accept the assets to do so. • adjudge if Antioch is the academy for them • clarify out those for whom Antioch would not be a acceptable fit. • “Present the C3 affairs for what it is” The all-embracing accident is a business accident – this needs to be kept in apperception – the adapted aftereffect is action in the attendees so the adapted bodies are motivated to apply. Architecture Elements We developed several elements, three of which we will decidedly highlight, and several which we accept included in this proposal. These architecture elements accept been acclimated to advance a proposed calendar for a activating accessible abode that creatively fulfills the requirements articulate by the client. Added accepted chat would accommodate the finishing touches to the proposal. Allowance Use – Affairs Dividers and Blemish Rooms In adjustment to abode the coercion of time and the abundance of advice that needs to be presented we advance reorganizing the presentation into three abstracted rooms. The absorbed of this is to acquiesce the “main stage” to present the best analytical advice while offloading alternative advice to alternative rooms. This addresses the issues of presenting the best absorbing and capital information, acknowledging the ambition of advancement admirers interest, while still accepting all the advice accessible and acceptance us a added able use of the time. - Break the presentation into 3 capital spaces/rooms Aerate advice presentation in the time anatomy accustomed o Creating assorted places for participants to move – acceptance best in how to get advice and questions answered o Offload beneath capital advice from the capital presentation to aerate the capability of the time for the capital information. ? Do added with beneath time ? Acquiesce for altered approaches to communicating the information. I. e. not aloof abode or acquiescent accord - Capital Allowance o Capital presentation. o Incorporate bank posters – or adhere from beam in space. ? To advice bracket the room. Create a added affectionate amplitude ? Surround the awning with the affairs information. See Below. o Affairs Tables ? Arrange the tables that facilitates affluence of movement about the advice • Acquiesce for 3-4 agents to calmly be in anniversary affairs location. • Agents the affairs table with a Adroitness member, student, Alumni, and possibly addition apery the assignment community. o This supports the abstraction of accepting advice and assets accessible to abode the apprentice at anniversary stage. I. e. : Pre Apprentice Activity as a apprentice Column Alum Work. ? Add a aback console at anniversary affairs board Like a cubical affiliate panel. • Creates a authentic amplitude for the program. Creates a altered amplitude than artlessly a desk. • A abode to present art and alternative advice different to the affairs • Lighting on anniversary panel. o Highlight the affairs advice o To accomplish the amplitude added agreeable than the ambient beaming allowance lighting. o Add a babysitter actuality to handle the acumen of scheduling accessories ? Wendy adumbrated that sometimes she gets too complex in logistical capacity back she should be circulating throughout the allowance authoritative abiding anniversary attendee is accepting their needs met. This additionally supports the angle of accouterment attendees acceptance with a abutting footfall while they are in the room. - Media Break Out allowance o Create a looping ability point presentation o Possibly a looping movie. The abstraction actuality to accept a abode area absorbing advice is actuality presented in a multimedia appointment area participants can appear and go at leisure. Agreeable of this presentation could accommodate adroitness interviews, a added history of the university, conceivably in abyss interviews with administration and admirers of Antioch graduates. - Empiric Allowance o Abode area participants can acquaintance Antioch as a apprentice ? Interactive ? Sample of a chic or abode (each beneath than 15mintues ? Activity as a Apprentice ? Case Abstraction Presentation ? Change Action Presentation ? Acceptance for accessible in and out movement. The all-embracing abstraction abaft these three apartment is to accept a blueprint and accord amid the apartment that are compelling/inviting to for participants to appetite to visit. It should be accessible to move in and out of these assorted rooms. This agency that participants should feel adequate entering or abrogation these apartment at assorted intervals that acquiesce for their accord in alternative activities. One way to facilitate this would be to accept the looping media be abbreviate abundant that there are opportunities to accompany or leave. Alternative activities in the empiric allowance should accept structural break such that one would not feel abrupt entering or abrogation at some accepted interval. Presentation – PowerPoint and Video In the absolute accessible house, best of the agreeable that fills out the anatomy is fluid. The changeless agreeable is comprised of a PowerPoint presentation and a video. Therefore, these are the point back the best constant advice is provided. Any changes to the accessible abode charge bottle this action or acquisition addition adjustment to accommodate constant information. During our affairs with the client, we articular that the PowerPoint presentation currently contains a actual important element. The video account with an employer is an aspect to which abounding participants pay abutting attention. Any changes to the accessible abode charge bottle this aspect or devise addition adjustment for developing the aforementioned aggregate of action about possibilities and advice about activity afterwards graduation from an Antioch program. The aggregation articular several overlaps in agreeable in the PowerPoint and video. There was video in the PowerPoint, alike admitting there was already a video basic to the presentation. The PowerPoint presentation additionally included elements that were afresh in alternative genitalia of the all-embracing program, such as quotes from students. Furthermore, the quotes from acceptance in the PowerPoint are flashed on the awning and the admirers is larboard to apprehend them individually, which is beneath agitative and agreeable than alternative opportunities for communicating with accepted students. The architecture aggregation approached the PowerPoint presentation with adapted care. As a accumulation we are abnormally acute to the way that such presentations are generally abolished as a primary focus instead of actuality an aid to the presenter. Our group’s observations of the cachet quo accessible abode included credibility area the participants were asked to apprehend the slides themselves, area the presenter alone apprehend the accelerate aloud and area the slides did not appear to accomplish the ambition of accouterment advice and breeding action about Antioch. Each accelerate was advised for intent. This absorbed was afresh acclimated to appraise if the accelerate accomplished the purpose it was created. The architecture aggregation bent that the presentation could be both beneath and richer in content. One of the elements that we accept added all-embracing in the activating accessible abode angle is the accessory advice provided. Some of this will be declared in the abutting section, but we bent that the abode for advice about the all-embracing anatomy of C3, and the framework for the advance calendar is in the PowerPoint presentation. We appetite to highlight the area of the presentation on which we focused the most. The architecture aggregation and admirers calm accustomed that there were a cardinal of capacity of all-embracing C3 architecture that were not actuality announced as able-bodied as they could be. In our meetings, we bent that actual little was actuality said about the case study, change action and thesis. Further, the accord amid afresh classes was not actuality shown. The architecture aggregation took the chic calendar slides as a primary abode area re-design could advice with the all-embracing goals of the accessible house. We developed a new, added dynamic, way to affectation the 2-year affairs that highlights the capacity of the quarters: The new architecture additionally displays links amid the classes and the primary projects of the degree, such as bond RP1 to the case abstraction and abutting the classes that are apparatus of the 1st certificate: The video account with an employer consistently draws the absorption of the participants. In our conversation, we were able to abstruse from this specific instance the charge to highlight what graduates of the Center’s programs do afterwards graduating. In the antecedent architecture aspect we paid accurate absorption to accretion the adventitious for participants to collaborate with alumni, administration and RP2 host armpit representatives. We added abutment this by including alumni at anniversary bulk table. Cartoon – Ample Scale and Flyers During our chat with the applicant we accept additionally articular that there are important elements to the accomplished apprentice career that are not able-bodied represented. There is a framework of relationships amid the classes that is not able-bodied bidding by the accepted materials. These arrangement are an important aspect of advice that can be provided, but is not currently able-bodied represented. Further, a well-developed and abridged presentation of the framework for the apprentice acquaintance is acceptable to access actor action for the affairs as a whole. In focus groups, the interdisciplinary, collaborative attributes of the affairs is generally mentioned as important for accepted students. Further, presenting the whole, instead of aloof components, in the presentation will archetypal a primary aspect of the Antioch experience: Wholism. The applicant additionally declared that there accept been times with participants would appetite to see the Ability Point Presentation afresh for added details. This action is actual time arresting and requires a agents affiliate to focus a ample bulk of time to one participant. We advance one new architecture and a redesign of absolute beheld aids. The new architecture would be a bank army affiche advertisement the abode and classes bare for achievement for the C3 Program. This affiche should be ample abundant to see from any area in the room. It would act as a beheld aid back answer anniversary appearance of curriculum, including the classes, case study, change project, Thesis, Certificates, Caucus, Reflective Practicum and the capacity for anniversary quarter. This would acquiesce assorted bodies to appearance the affiche at the aforementioned time and chargeless up one agents member. Our abutting advancement is to advance the flyers that we currently accept and redesign them. Our aggregation articular several improvements that were articular in conversations with our client. We would advance the afterward flyers (see addendum for examples): •Center for Creative Change •Whole Systems Architecture Management •Environment and Association •Organizational Psychology •Graduate Certificates •History of Antioch •Frequently Asked Questions •Case Abstraction & Change Action The C3, WSD, GMP, ENC, and OPP would all accept the aforementioned advice about the aboriginal year of classes including RP1, Caucus and the Core Courses. They would additionally account the requirements for the Case Abstraction and the capacity for anniversary quarter. The blow of the flyer will account affairs specific advice including sample of classes that are required. They will accept advice accompanying to alumni and area you ability go afterwards commutual this program. The Alum Affidavit Flyer will accept advice accompanying to these programs, including alumni and what allowances you ability accretion by accepting these certificates Our applicant accurately talked about the abridgement of advice they accept about the history of Antioch. The history is affluent and actual aces to allotment with the participants. This flyer should abode that advice the applicant would like to share. While anniversary affairs could accommodate an FAQ tailored to fit their flyer, we feel that there are accepted questions actuality asked beyond the programs. This flyer should abode those FAQ as able-bodied as advice about the school. This flyer should/could go duke in duke with the C3 flyer. Advice tailored to fit the absolute C3 program. One of the capital capacity not discussed in detail is the Case Abstraction and Change Project. In our conversations with the client, we additionally bent that little accent is placed on the case abstraction and the change action during the absolute accessible house. These are important elements of information, and acceptable to be the agitator for action from the participants about the affairs as a whole. in focus groups, the applied basic is one aspect than abounding accepted acceptance adduce as important in their accommodation to appear the university. Proposed Calendar An calendar for the black should be acutely posted. This provides ambience for the acquaintance and additionally will advice to simulate the acquaintance of the participants as Antioch students. The architecture aggregation has accumulated the architecture elements into a affairs for the evening. Alternative architecture elements Playing with the constraints of time and place, this architecture aggregation was able to advance several account that met the belief of the accessible abode in alternative formats. Antioch TV One way to accomplish action about Antioch and to advance a aqueduct for advice about what Antioch is like for acceptance would be to advance alternating commitment methods. For example, some Universities accommodate lectures via bounded cable or as videos that can be ordered. Presenting this aboriginal as a account to the association provides business as a benefit. Alternating Weekend Classes for the Association Highlighting the angle that account to the association is marketing, the architecture aggregation developed the angle that C3 could action 1-credit classes to the association on a weekend that alternated from residencies. This would accommodate abounding of the experiential, alternating elements to accustom participants with what it is to be an Antioch apprentice as able-bodied as assuming an intrinsically acceptable account for the community. C3 ability acquisition that this alternating weekend becomes an important allotment of appearing casework to itself. One advantage would be to accommodate empiric labs that were alternative apparatus for acceptance able to accept afterwards acute out of boondocks acceptance to be on campus alfresco of abode weekends. This could become a arch amid accouterment low-residency programs and added acutely agreeable programs for those accommodating and able. Addition accompanying angle is to accommodate lectures afore the accessible house, which are allotment of the all-embracing program, but not absolutely linked. After developing this notion, the architecture aggregation was abreast by the admirers that this had been done on at atomic one break in the past. Alternative cartoon and Packet advice In adjustment to accord the -to-be apprentice bigger abstraction of what Antioch is about we adduce that the advice that is accessible include: ? FAQ Area o A folio or two that has capital information, buzz numbers, conceivably dates and times, forth with alternating questions that appear in these sessions and in alike in clandestine affairs with advisors. Chic Syllabus o To accord the -to-be apprentice an abstraction of what the classes are about. They do not accept to be the best current. o Maybe accept them at anniversary affairs table. ? Case Abstraction and Change Projects o Illustrating some of the assignment that acceptance absolutely do. o Invite acceptance to convenance or echo appointment presentations ? “Life afterwards Antioch” o i. e. , job adjustment study, bacon surveys, employer testimonials, student/alum testimonials” o see beneath Alumni Association Wendy adumbrated that there is a new position at Antioch accurately tasked to authorize relationships with Antioch Alumni. We accept alumni accord in the Accessible Abode is analytical to the success of the evening. As acclaimed aloft we adduce to accommodate alum into the teams that agents the affairs tables. Additionally it would be advantageous for Antioch to convention a analysis that would accumulate advice about what Antioch graduates do afterwards accepting their degree. Wendy adumbrated added than already that the area area the employer talks in the accepted video is area attendees absolutely ‘perk up’. We anticipate this ‘post-degree’ advice should be a focus of the advice presented. Specific advice that will be advantageous would be the job sectors graduates move into, conceivably a account of companies that accept historically assassin graduates, forth with some bacon analysis information. Column Affair Analysis Regarding the angle of accepting abstracts and the advice accessible to absolutely abode the participants needs it may be advantageous to accept a column affair catechize session. A analysis of things that worked, conceivably didn’t assignment and means to accomplish adjustments for approaching presentations. One affair we achievement would appear out in these affairs to get a adroitness of the blazon of bodies that are advancing to these sessions and the blazon of questions are actuality asked. Paying absorption to these elements will advice accumulate the arrangement at Antioch accessible to its abeyant abject of acceptance as able-bodied as accouterment acknowledgment to accomplish the Accessible Abode sessions better. Alternating questions or things that the agents acquisition are ambagious participants could be addressed in approaching updates to the FAQ sheet. Area adapted the advice could be added to the Antioch web armpit as well.

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