Dust Mite Resurch Paper

Dust Mite I am the accepted North American Dust Mite. I alive about in every abode in the world. Best bodies do not alike apperceive that I am active all over there home because I cannot be apparent with the naked eye. I adulation to alive in houses that accept lots of dust because I advance in these kinds of conditions. I mostly eat asleep bark flakes that abatement from bodies activate in the house. I am about two hundred and fifty to three hundred microns in length. That is absolutely babyish that no one can see me afterwards application a able microscope. I accept eight bearded legs that I use to biking in the abode to acquisition asleep bark flakes to eat. Back I eat asleep bark flakes I about leave decay debris which accept a protein that abounding bodies are allergic to. Back bodies go to doctors whey they are ailing and the doctor tells them that they are allergic to dust. The doctors aloof don’t appetite to acquaint the patients that they are allergic to my droppings. I mostly absorb my time central a mattress because that is area best of the asleep bark flakes are. They are mostly there because bodies absorb a lot of time lying on the mattress sleeping area they aloof abatement off. The scientists accept absitively to accord me my own accurate name. My own accurate name is Dermatophagoides farinae. Back I alpha my day the aboriginal affair I do is go about the abode to try to acquisition asleep bark flakes lying about the carpeting or central the mattress. Best bodies don’t apperceive that they are sleeping on top of millions of little tiny dust mites. Back the changeable lays eggs, the little babyish dust mites are aboriginal a larva. Once they accept developed up added again they attending like approved mites with there able shells. Afterwards that I accept begin the bark flakes I alpha to eat them. Hundreds of my accompany appear with me to acquisition and eat bark because we are all athirst to eat. We dust mites never leave abandoned we consistently go to acquisition the dust and bark flakes in big groups because it is consistently to go in groups because we feel safer back we are in groups. Best bodies don’t apperceive that a acclimated mattress contains an estimated one hundred thousand to ten actor dust mites inside. One affair that best bodies acquisition that is absolute awful is that ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow is accumulated by asleep dust mites and their droppings. We dust mites are every area we can acquisition dust which are abounding of asleep bark flakes. Abounding bodies are disgusted afterwards they apprentice how abounding dust mites are central your bed or in your abode in general. We dust mites accept a absolutely active life. We dust mites attending appealing gruesome. A dust mite has eight bearded legs, no antennae, a aperture allotment accumulation in advanced of the anatomy and a asperous clear-cut shell. If you put all those characteristics calm you got a alarming appearance. We ability be diminutive but we accept abounding characteristics. If we were bigger abounding bodies would be abashed of how abominable we look. Bodies are not afraid of us dust mites because we cannot be apparent by them. [pic] North American Abode Dust Mite • Accurate name - Dermatophagoides farinae • Amid 250 to 300 microns in breadth • In a acclimated mattress amid 100,000 to 10,000,000 mites Works cited • http://www. ehso. com/ehshome/dustmites. php • http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/House_dust_mite

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