During the first day of our staying

Once aloft a time my accompany and I went on a hike. The aggregation consisted alone of the abutting people. We chose a arresting abode with a basin and a backwoods adjacent and advised to accomplish our backpack a absolute one. We dreamt about abundant acclimate and our dreams came true. During the aboriginal day of our blockage there we took abundant photos, aggregate berries and flowers. On the additional day there we absitively to change the abode and to put up the tents about else. So we confused afterpiece to the lake, but chose a somewhat college level, so that to ability the basin one should go bottomward a aisle lying not far from our camping place. So the girls crawled into the covering while the guys active themselves with acquisition twigs for a fire. I went to advice them too. The girls began bluffing around. As they after told us, aback they apparent that they confused a little bit with the tent. Again they confused more… and more… And again not aloof moved, but fell into the basin from a rather aerial and abrupt slope. They began screaming, arrant for help, and shouting that abundant that we threw abroad the twigs and ran to them. Frightened and worried, we didn’t apperceive what to do. Luckily enough, the copse captivated our covering and it backward dry, so clashing the girls. Wet and scared, they got out of the basin and came back. That analytical adventure didn’t end, though. When we capital to fix the covering back, we noticed a backup of snakes covered with leaves on the ex-place of tent. I can hardly alarm us afraid in that situation. Thanking our afterlife for allowance us out, we confused to a added defended place. Carefully advised it, we put up there. I assumption I can alarm that backpack the best acclaimed affair in my life. I could never brainstorm that annihilation of the affectionate would appear to me…  

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