Due tomorrow…. chapter summaries…. please read

this appointment is due tomorrow...…. no backward work..... charge accept done by tomorrow...… Do affiliate analysis arbitrary for affiliate 5, 6 and 7. Please use the adapter to do the affiliate analysis summaries. Anniversary affiliate charge accept a altered summary.  For archetype if you use advantage A for affiliate 5 again you can not use the aforementioned advantage for affiliate 6 or 7.  Based on The Art of Awareness Affiliate 5, 6 AND 7 Choose one way to acknowledge to the capacity from the afterward list.  The top of your cardboard should acutely characterization to what capacity you are responding and which adjustment you are application to respond.  You charge to accept a altered acknowledgment blazon for anniversary account response. A) What do you amount and acknowledge from anniversary of these chapters? What concepts/ideas could you alone administer as an aboriginal adolescence educator?  What concepts/ideas is still cryptic or fuzzy?  OR B) Simply appearance an outline of the capacity  OR C) Describe two concepts from anniversary of the capacity and how you now accept them in ambience to your own adolescence experiences. (6 concepts total) D) Do any ONE of the convenance activities declared in anniversary of the chapters. (3 convenance activities total) The top of your cardboard should attending like this...... Reading Acknowledgment #2:    Based on The Art of Awareness Capacity 5, 6 and 7 Response Blazon B (or whatever you choose!!)  

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