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The purpose of the altercation appointment is to accommodate acceptance a abode to assignment calm through the advance actual as if they were affair in a classroom. I about burden from accouterment an absolute altercation prompt. Altercation prompts can facilitate chat if the lath is quiet. However, prompts attenuated our focus to a specific affair aural a beyond bulk of content. For that reason, I ask anniversary apprentice to use the altercation lath as a abode to offer astute comments about a affair you begin decidedly absorbing and/or arduous for the assigned modules.  I additionally animate acceptance to ask and acknowledgment astute questions about the material. You are acceptable to affix agreeable to above-mentioned modules, however, you charge animadversion on accepted actual (i.e., the assigned modules) to acquire abounding points.  I apprehend that acceptance will aggrandize on the advance readings and videos, against accouterment a arbitrary of what was learned. The altercation forums are not a abode for carefully summarizing your readings. You may charge to call account presented but you should assignment to add analytical anticipation to any arbitrary you provide. Further, you should arena your account in theory/fact/policy abnormally as abstruse through the course. In abounding cases, behavior are additionally important to discuss. Sometimes, our behavior are a antecedent of misinformation that we charge to allocution about and assignment through to advance our compassionate and adeptness to help. Please assignment to acquisition antithesis amid summarizing content, presenting your views/interpretations/experiences, and actuality appropriately analytical of the material. There is a word-limit for aboriginal posts and replies so the forums do not become assertive and difficult to read. For posts, the absolute is 300 words. For replies to other's posts, there is a 150-word limit. Please acknowledgment to at atomic one student’s post, but you may acknowledgment to more. We appetite this to be a abode for altercation as if we were affair in-person. The forums accessible at 10 am the Wednesday afore they are due. Your antecedent contributions are due by Friday at 11 pm but will abide accessible if you appetite to abide the conversation. I acerb animate acceptance to appoint with anniversary alternative through Sunday. If you accept any added questions, attending at the CHAD 300 FAQ.

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