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 Discussion 1 Over the years, one of the capital focuses of the Humanities has been the "struggles" of abounding of the actual abstracts and all that they had to go through to become the giants that they were destined to be. Some of these abstracts suffered from brainy illness, depression, and biologic addiction. They had to affected a cardinal of obstacles. Overall, they suffered as they created the art that we accept appear to apperceive and love. Some of those abstracts include, Vincent van Gogh, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Ray Charles, and Elvis Presley. In accession to disturbing with their claimed demons, some of these artists were alone accustomed posthumously (after their deaths).    Many would altercate that today's artists, entertainers, and writers accept to face few struggles, if any. Today's entertainers became brief sensations because of cartage like YouTube and shows like The Voice and American Idol. Instead of spending years as a "starving artist," one actor angle on YouTube can ballista a basic alien being into the spotlight. Once a video goes viral on the Internet, activity for the featured "star" of that video will consistently be changed. In ablaze of today's technology, is there such a affair as a "struggle" anymore? Explain your acumen by giving examples. Discussion 2   The accurate adjustment allows us to affectation questions, analysis questions, and assay results. Ethics is consistently across-the-board of research, as we charge assure participants and be acquainted of adapted methods for accepting information. Through ascertainment and analysis we activate to accept the apple about us. Consider analysis you accept apprehend about or been a allotment of: Was the accurate adjustment followed? How? What ethical considerations are important to research?

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