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TOPIC: Green New Deal - all-around warming You charge use chic sources (text and/or alfresco readings) for this appointment and charge reference/cite those sources. You ability additionally need/want to analysis alternative sources to accommodate added accomplishments on the topic. All sources charge be cited in a Works Cited page. The cardboard should be about 4-5 pages in length.  The cardboard charge be well-written and well-researched. Poor grammar and spelling will accept a abrogating appulse on your grade. The cardboard charge abode one of the capacity account below. It charge accept four sections as follows: For anniversary topic, you are an adviser to the President and you are accouterment him with an analysis/paper/memo answer what is the accepted cachet of the affair and proposing a advance of action. The four sections should cover: A arbitrary of the bearings (Here you can accept a “thesis statement” if you want, or you can leave that to the end). How does Realism explain the bearings and what does Realism adumbrate will happen? What would a Realist adduce America should do? (Here you ability appetite to briefly call Realism). How does Liberalism afford ablaze on the bearings and what does Liberalism adumbrate will happen? What would a Liberal adduce for the United States to do? (Here you ability appetite to briefly call Liberalism). Your claimed cessation about what the President/the United States should do (based on your accomplished assessment fatigued from the aloft sections).

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