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Assignment 2: American Disabilities Act (ADA)The University of Nebraska Medical Center-Omaha assassin you as a assortment administration consultant. The carnality admiral for centermost operations wants to highlight the medical center’s acceptability for arete in all-around individuals with concrete disabilities. As per the contract, one of your deliverables is to address an commodity on this affair for the medical centermost newsletter.From your years as a assortment consultant, you are accustomed with the ADA. Discuss the key aspects of ADA that you will allotment with all advisers so they accept the accent of the topic. Accommodate a altercation on how ADA assists organizations in advancement a assorted workforce.Write a two-page article, in Word, for the medical center’s aggregation newsletter, which acutely identifies the key elements and accent of the ADA and how ADA can be acclimated to advice organizations advance a assorted workforce.  Your commodity should accommodate to APA standards and accommodate at atomic three references from the AU library and/or the Internet which abutment your assertions.By the due date assigned, bear your appointment to the Submissions Area.

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