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Read: HIV Help-Inc., a non-profit alignment absorption on the blockage of HIV/AIDS aloof accustomed a $10 actor admission to armamentarium several projects.  The alignment is currently amid in an earlier architecture that needs all-encompassing repairs. The alignment is application anachronous appointment accessories In addition, one added agents affiliate is bare in adjustment to accumulate up with admission buzz calls and requests for presentations and association beat activities. A allocation of the admission - $2 actor - is allotted for business improvements which can abode one of these three areas: aliment to building, anachronous appointment equipment, and added staff. The actual $8 actor is to be acclimated to added enhance the continuum of affliction akin to accommodate admission to antitoxin bloom services. ·  Write Breadth A: Create a bulk account assay for an amend that will advance the business: structural, appointment equipment, or staff. You can be artistic in free what the business needs.  The bulk will use the abounding bulk of funds allotted to this advance ($2 Million), so you can alone advance one of these three needs Note: Your assignment charge accommodate Steps 1-4, as categorical in breadth CH 7.2 attached ·  Write Breadth B: Create a bulk able assay to actuate how to best absorb the $8 actor allocation of the admission allotment on apprenticeship and alternative antitoxin services.  Read: The alignment currently serves the association and audience with association apprenticeship classes at schools and association centers, as able-bodied as the administration of condoms and educational materials. They ambition to aggrandize their accepted casework to ability the adjoining association (4,000 residents), add amusing media announcement and messaging to ability the adolescent population, administer educational actual and condoms to abandoned shelters in the area, and add HIV testing to at-risk individuals. Select two of the abeyant casework and actuate how the money can be best spent to accept the greatest aftereffect for the HIV+ citizenry in the community. Note: Your assignment charge abode the costs as able-bodied as the advancing benefits, as categorical in breadth CH 7.2 attached ·  Write Breadth C: Based on the  CDC website (Links to an alien site.), assay how cultural norms appulse the accident of accepting HIV.  Explain one adjustment or activity on how to abode this challenge. Your antecedent addition should be 250 to 300 words in length Due 2/13/20 @9am Eastern w/plag report

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