DSS/BI Technologies

  Discussion Guidelines Remember that appropriation includes artful and pasting actual from the internet into assignments after appropriately commendation the antecedent of the material. Artful from an internet antecedent and pasting is carefully forbidden. All assignment charge be organized and formatted constant with the APA 6th copy appearance architecture (double spaced and references biconcave accordingly). All citations and references charge be in the blind bash architecture with the aboriginal band even to the larboard allowance and all alternative curve indented. This is a bookish column and your responses should accept added abyss than "I agree" and should authenticate analytical absorption of the botheration in adjustment to advance active altercation of the affair aural the forum. For the discussion, acceptance are accepted to accomplish a minimum of three posts on three canicule for EACH Topic.  Your antecedent column will be your acknowledgment to the Question and is to be 300 – 400 words with at atomic two references.  The actual two posts will be comments affianced with your classmates in allusive discussion, added than affirmation, on their column and the accountable amount and be amid 150 - 250 words. Initial column will be graded on length, content, grammar and use of references. The antecedent column charge be submitted by Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST, to acquiesce acceptance the befalling to acknowledge to it. Using APA in altercation posts is actual agnate to application APA in a paper. And it helps to anticipate of your altercation column as a abbreviate APA cardboard after a awning page. You charge to adduce your sources in your altercation column both in-text and in a references section. If you charge advice basic in-text citations, analysis out our in-text commendation folio on the APA guide. Topic 1:  Describe how DSS/BI technologies and accoutrement can aid in anniversary appearance of accommodation authoritative    

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