Discussion: Frequencies/Percentages (Discrete or Non-Continuous) One of the aboriginal examples of applying statistical assay in the amusing sciences comes from W.E.B. Du Bois, a acclaimed African American academic and civilian rights activist. In 1899, he appear The Philadelphia Negro, a groundbreaking abstraction of the citizenry of the 7th area of Philadelphia. Du Bois relied on analysis abstracts he calm himself from 5000 residents. By relying on quantitative analyses, Du Bois was able to accommodate affirmation that prevalent, abreast abominable behavior forth with diff befalling created and perpetuated abjection and low socio-economic status. This analysis challenged the racist angle captivated by abounding white Philadelphians at the time that African Americans were somehow inferior. Using analysis abstracts based on complete analysis architecture allows scholar-practitioners to compute frequencies and percentages in adjustment to analyze amusing problems and potentially adapt how bodies ascertain problems in means that can aftereffect absolute amusing change. Reference: Du Bois, W. E. B. (1899). The Philadelphia negro. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press. For this Discussion, use the US Demographic Advice dataset in the Learning Resources. To Prepare: Please agenda that a red accompaniment is the appellation accustomed to a U.S. accompaniment in which a majority of the electorate votes for the Republican applicant in a statewide election, admitting a dejected accompaniment is the appellation accustomed to a U.S. accompaniment in which a majority of the electorate votes for the Democratic applicant in a statewide election. In contrast, a amethyst accompaniment (or beat state) is the appellation accustomed to a U.S. accompaniment in which both the Democratic and Republican candidates accept a acceptable adventitious of acceptable and is advised key to the aftereffect of a presidential election. Application the US Demographic Advice dataset, add a cavalcade (categorical variable) to your dataset that indicates the political amalgamation of anniversary accompaniment (i.e., red, blue, or purple). Then, save the dataset with the new cavalcade and appellation it, “US Demographic Advice _PA” dataset. You will use this new dataset afresh in Week 9. Search the Internet for a reliable, accepted antecedent absolute the political amalgamation for anniversary state. Input the all-embracing political amalgamation (i.e., red, blue, or purple) for anniversary accompaniment included in your dataset. Compute the abundance and allotment by political amalgamation of all states. Then compute the percentile rank and connected account by political amalgamation for all states. For acceptance application the PSPP statistical software program, analysis the Learning Resources certificate Working With Datasets Job Aid for advice about how to complete the tasks articular in the To Prepare and Column activities.  By Day 4, Post the frequencies and percentages of the capricious political affiliation, application abstracts from all the states. Next, actualize and column a bar blueprint depicting the frequencies of the political amalgamation variable. Note: The alone capricious to be complex is political affiliation, which has three levels: red, blue, or purple. You will charge to address the frequencies and percentages of the red, blue, and amethyst states. Be abiding to abutment your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and analyze accepted accordant abstract to abutment your work.

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