drug use and abuse

  You accept been asked to do a abbreviate presentation on addiction and the furnishings that assertive drugs accept on the brain. Your presentation should accommodate the afterward elements: Assignment Guidelines Address the afterward in 10-12 agreeable slides aural a PowerPoint presentation: What does it beggarly to say that addition is absorbed to a drug? Why do bodies become absorbed to a biologic physically? Mentally? What is a neurotransmitter? What role do neurotransmitters comedy with attention to academician functions and behavior? What roles do dopamine and serotonin comedy with attention to biologic use? How are dopamine and serotonin levels afflicted by assorted drugs? What is meant by the accolade pathways or the accolade centermost of the brain? What differences accept been begin amid men and women in agreement of furnishings of consciousness-expanding drugs and addiction? Your final presentation should chase the afterward format: Title accelerate with your name, advance code, and assemblage number 10-12 agreeable slides absolute your responses to the aloft questions Each agreeable accelerate charge accommodate 100–200 words of apostle notes. Slides should accommodate ammo credibility not text.  Reference accelerate area all sources are referenced application APA style 12 slides with apostle notes

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