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The Final Activity for this advance is a 10-15 folio cardboard acclamation an affair in bent amends with both actual and abreast importance. The Final Cardboard is due in Week 10, but you should analysis its requirements now because you will complete altered apparatus of the activity in Weeks 2, 3, 6, and 7. For this Project, you will analyze an absolute bent amends affair and accede how this affair has been addressed historically by the bent amends and acknowledged systems and how abreast behavior attack to abode the affair today. Your Final Cardboard will abide of autograph about the actual acceptation of the affair in bent justice. Next, you will abode about the abreast attempts to boldness or abode the affair and the action implications the affair has had on the bent and acknowledged systems. Your cardboard should abide of the following: Historical advice on the issue Contemporary attempts to abode or boldness the issue Policy or acknowledged implications Structural Requirements: Length of paper: Though this is subjective, there will acceptable be at atomic 10 pages, not including appellation page, charts/tables, appendices, and references. Font and chantry size: Times New Roman 12-point font Number of references: minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles

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