Drug Testing for Welfare Argumentative Essay

Drug Testing for Abundance According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 4,300,000 Americans are on government based aid, or welfare. That is a little over four percent of the citizenry in America. Abundance is an assets based government aid that supports individuals and their families financially if they are clumsy to abutment themselves. Abundance is not aloof accustomed out; you accept to administer and be accustomed in adjustment to accept the money. Abundance is an income-based aid, biologic testing afore actuality accepted abundance should be mandatory. There would be abounding advantages to administering biologic analysis to bodies who appetite to accept advice in the anatomy of government aid. Biologic testing afore acceding any actuality abundance checks should be mandatory. An advantage to accepting abundance recipients biologic activated afore actuality accepted abundance is that the almsman may be added accommodating to get advice or seek analysis if government aid is actuality hindered. An commodity from Health and Human casework writes that “in states area biologic testing is binding to accept welfare, they accept apparent bodies abdicate application drugs and alcohol, which makes them added employable. (brainstatistics. com) Not all individuals are application the money from abundance for drugs, but abounding bodies are. Bodies who are on abundance and accomplishing drugs are bifold negatives to association and do not contribute. They aren’t aggravating to be attainable so they can abide on welfare. Also, biologic testing these bodies could accept a net accumulation for the government, but that would aloof be addition aspect that contributes to biologic testing abundance recipients. Back extenuative the government money and potentially axis people’s lives about actuality biologic activated afore accepting government aid would be a acceptable change for society. The taxpayers in the United States should not accept to abutment a biologic user’s addiction. Back abundance recipients are not biologic activated afore accepting abundance checks they could be application the checks, or the taxpayer’s money to buy their drugs, booze or cigarettes. Authoritative abiding welfare is actuality spent on adapted items is adamantine to ascendancy already the money is in the abridged of an individual, but biologic testing before, and potentially during an individual’s time on abundance could annihilate money absent to drugs and booze during the recipient’s time on welfare. In accomplishing this it is extenuative the government money and application the taxpayer’s money for article that contributes to a absolute aspect in society. Back the government is handing out abundance checks to bodies who are application them for drugs the money is not actuality spent with the appropriate intentions and is not alone affliction our economy, but we are the ones acknowledging it. Back accomplishing the biologic tests, it will annihilate the biologic users and hopefully argue them to get advice or break apple-pie so they are able to get a job or become acceptable for welfare. In my assessment biologic testing should be mandatory. Taxpayer’s should not be putting money into a biologic fund, we should be giving government aid to the individuals who are struggling, not because of an addiction or a habit, we should be accidental to the distinct moms, or the retired soldiers, or the alarmingly ill. If an alone is in charge of the money bad abundant and they are application it for the appropriate affidavit again a simple biologic analysis should not be an issue. Especially back they are not advantageous for it themselves, not alone will this account the government but additionally it could account the individuals who are application drugs. If they charge the money bad abundant it could be an allurement for them to get clean. It will be an big-ticket fix, but back you advice individuals who would usually be on accompaniment or government aid become an employee, they can get off of accompaniment or government aid and abutment themselves. Back bodies are acceptable absolute and accepting off government aid, the government starts extenuative money on the bodies who would accept been application the money for drugs or alcohol. I anticipate abundance is an amazing “temporary” aid for bodies who are disturbing but back bodies alpha to await on it is back the government has issues. Nothing is anytime bad unless you abusage it. Although there are abounding absolute aspects to biologic testing abundance applicants, there are additionally abrogating aspects to giving biologic tests to every applicant. Not alone could accomplishing binding biologic tests agitated the bodies who aren’t application drugs and could breach aloofness laws, but biologic testing could be a actual big-ticket fix to a huge problem, back biologic testing individuals the aborigine would be advantageous for the tests to be done on anniversary individual. The prices could add up and could put a debt on the accompaniment in the turn-around wasn’t a absolute one. There could be a abbreviate abatement in the money you absorb and the money you would anon save. This could amount the accompaniment and government a ample sum of money to alpha out with and if the after-effects weren’t acceptable the accompaniment could lose added money than they would accept after accomplishing the biologic tests. Binding biologic testing should be a claim for individuals to be acceptable for welfare. There are far added absolute aspects to biologic testing than there are negative. If there are over four actor bodies on government aid we should achieve a movement to try and get a allotment of those bodies into jobs and apart authoritative their own money. Once they are apart authoritative their own money the government will not be amenable for them anymore. Applying and actuality accepted government aid is not a right, it is a advantage and to abounding bodies booty advantage of the system. If government aid is misused, one day we will not be able to use it, and that will be because the bodies who didn’t absolutely charge it, or the bodies who acclimated it to accumulation their addiction or their addiction abused it and we ran out of money. If abundance is a privilege, again bodies should be accommodating to do whatever it takes to get approved, including a appropriate biologic analysis to prove that you are not activity to absorb the government’s money on drugs or alcohol. Back accomplishing that you accretion the accompaniment and governments trust, if you achieve that they admission you abundance checks to briefly abutment you. That’s how the arrangement should be run so our taxpayer’s are acknowledging the bodies who are financially struggling. Works Cited "Welfare Statistics. " Statisticbrain. com/welfare-statistics/. US Department of Health and Human Services, 15 Oct. 2012. Web. 24 Oct. 2012. Geenblatt, Alan. "Does Biologic Testing Abundance Recipients Save Money? " Does Biologic Testing Abundance Recipients Save Money? N. p. , July 2012. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. <http://www. governing. com/topics/health-human-services/gov-does-drug-testing-welfare-recipients-save-money. html>. Smith, Phillip. "Feature: Bills to Require Biologic Testing for Welfare, Unemployment Pop Up About the Country. " Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Prohibition. N. p. 20 Mar. 2009. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. <http://stopthedrugwar. org/chronicle/2009/mar/20/feature_bills_require_drug_testi>. "Should Abundance Recipients Be Activated for Drugs. " US News. U. S. News & World Report, n. d. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. <http://www. usnews. com/debate-club/should-welfare-recipients-be-tested-for-drugs>. J. F. "Welfare and Biologic Testing. " The Economist. The Economist Newspaper, 2 Sept. 2011. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. <http://www. economist. com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2011/09/welfare-and-drug-testing>.

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