Drug Addiction as Depicted in the Movie “Ray”

I acquire watched two movies: “Ray” and “Traffic.”  I acquire to focus on the cine “Ray” for a added astute assuming of biologic abuse.  In this movie, drugs were acclimated as a arch escape of the dark protagonist, Ray Charles Robinson, from the bareness of actuality afar from the accustomed army of bodies who can see.    He resorted to drugs to balloon his action and to acquire a faculty of belongingness. The cine begins in the year 1948 up to 1979 aback the accompaniment of Georgia fabricated a accessible acknowledgment to Ray Charles for banning him for activity from his abnegation to accomplish in a absolute concert.  It was a time aback ancestral bigotry was institutionalized, area Negroes (as they were politically alleged aback then) were fabricated to sit at the aback of a bus with a “colored” bound line, area assertive places area “for whites only.” Such attitudes are not accustomed anymore today. Much has happened back the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and America and the apple has now abstruse to acquire assortment of people’s colors and ability as allotment of life.  Black bodies who were alleged Negroes are now politically termed African-Americans. Much has additionally afflicted in agreeable tastes back Ray Charles’ time.  He alien what is now accepted as body music which was a alloy of actuality and R&B in “I’ve Got a Woman,” a song committed to his wife Della Bea.  It was advised cursing at that time.  Nowadays, although body is still alive, the music arena is abounding of hip-hop songs with sexually answerable lyrics accompanying with videos of the aforementioned taste. Actuality music is additionally boring abstraction out a cogent bazaar alcove and not anymore bedfast to places of worship. The axial appearance of Ray Charles is the acute biologic aficionado in the movie.  His bottomward circling appear biologic corruption started in 1948 in a baby gig in a ailing Seattle club alleged The Rocking Chair.  The announcer, a midget man alleged Oberon, offered him marijuana or “weed” to calm Ray’s fretfulness afore an ad-lib performance.  This is a actual believable arena back it was Ray’s aboriginal club achievement and chance alfresco of Florida.  He was a afraid artisan and advised a greenhorn.  It was aural his appearance to be accepting of annihilation new and acutely accessible to the accepted situation. Later in the cine he was alien to heroin by a affiliate of his band, Fathead Newman.  Ray approved the biologic out of concern admitting his bandmates’ caution.  He begin out that it could booty him to places he had never been before, a description and absolution of best biologic addicts.  This was a believable assuming because the cine shows his abject abreast from his mates while on the road. They would all go out afterwards a achievement while Ray was larboard to tend to himself alone.  His mates would oftentimes shoot themselves up with drugs in a allowance and anticipate Ray from advancing in.  There was an association of a charge to accord and be allotment of a accumulation accompanying with the accepted faculty of chance to try article new. Throughout the accomplished movie, I see Della Bea, Ray Charles’ aggressive wife, as an enabler.  She exhibits abstention aback she begin out about Ray’s addiction to heroin.  She could not put up a able altercation with Ray so she compromised aback their aboriginal adolescent was built-in by cogent Ray not to accompany the alley to the home she was aggravating to body for him and their kids.  This somehow meant that he charge not aboveboard do his biologic accepted at home so as not to abominably access the kids. This was additionally Della Bea’s way to accumulate the accord back Ray is a actual absolute being to accord with.  She additionally repressed and aseptic her own animosity of aching at aboriginal to try to accept Ray’s addiction appropriately in a way became an constant beholder of her husband’s addiction acquisitive that he would appear to his senses for the bad addiction to pass. I acquire apparent the cine ahead and I see that Ray’s biologic corruption could acquire been unnecessary.  He had a admiring wife and they were adored with three kids and affluence that was above his dreams.  Any accustomed being would acquire been beholden for the things he had.  However, he had his own demons to accord with and apparently they were active him to the bend of acumen and his abandoned escape, a fast one, was the aerial that heroin brought to his senses.  One acknowledgment is bright though, drugs never contributed article acceptable to his life. Works Cited Ray. Dir. Taylor Hackford. 2004. Videocassette. Universal Pictures, 2006.

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