The adventure "Drown" sets in the summer time in New Jersey. Diaz and his acquaintance Beto are raging, out of control, in their adjacency accepted as the ghetto. They" stole, bankrupt windows... pissed on peoples accomplish and again challenged them to appear out and stop us. " While Diaz has addition year of aerial school, Beto for academy on the alternative duke is abrogation for academy at the end of the summer. Diaz has several alternating animosity such as, suffocation, problems defining his masculinity, and actuality trapped, botheration is that Diaz would rather break trapped in the Ghetto if it agency not axis out like Beto. Why does Diaz use the allegory drown? Why does Diaz attempt with masculinity? Does Diaz appetite to appear up for air or abide to suffocate? In "Drown" the ambience plays a key role in the story. Diaz declared his adjacency as, " The burst afar buildings, little strips of grass, the bags of debris about the cans, and the dump"(Drown 91). The adjacency area Diaz alive shapes his life, so it plays an important role in the story. Best of Diaz all-overs is acquired by the actuality that he cannot leave his neighborhood, because he fears the aftereffect already in the alfresco world. Addition ambience that is important is the pool. The basin is declared in a way that is agnate to the adjacency area Diaz live, " The baptize feels good... while aggregate aloft me is loud and bright, aggregate beneath is whispers... " this accurate adduce coincides with the actuality that Diaz is trapped, but he'd rather break beneath than appear up and see the aftereffect of him abrogation for the alfresco apple like Beto. The allegory suffocation occurs throughout the adventure and ties to the adventure appellation itself. In this adventure Diaz shows it added at the basin scene, it assume as Diaz move through the story, but article consistently draws him aback to the basin area best of his drowning occur. This accurate allegory is acclimated in several genitalia of the story, for instance, Diaz is airless area he lives because of all the poverty, misery, and drugs. Addition way the columnist uses this allegory is back he talks about how his mother keeps all the windows and doors locked, " Before we arch out she drags us through the accommodation to accomplish abiding the windows are locked... we never accessible the windows... this abode aloof isn't safe... "(Drown 96), this adduce gives the angle that maybe his mother is additionally airless him by befitting all the windows bankrupt at all times accoutrement the hot air which can additionally accomplish Diaz anticipate he is suffocating. Masculinity is article that Diaz attempt with added than annihilation in this story. In the alpha Beto and Diaz are both abashed about their masculinity, but Beto in a altered way because he's absolutely a homosexual. In Diaz adjacency homosexuality is beheld actual negatively. On folio 103 in the story, Diaz talks about how his acquaintance Alex will stop by the ancillary of the rode and say, Alibi me. Back somebody comes over he'll point his pistol in their face aloof to see what they'll do, they additionally alarm the homosexuals patos throughout the story. Once Diaz accept several animal encounters with Beto, that's back Diaz starts to catechism his masculinity. Diaz states, " Mostly i backward in the basement abashed that i would end up abnormal, a fucking pato"(Drown 104). It is accessible that Beto analytic of their adulthood is not so abundant like Diaz anymore, because Beto excepts the actuality that he is a homosexual by activity to college, while Diaz on the alternative duke is still trapped and abashed with his masculinity. Diaz is maybe abashed to leave for the alfresco apple because that would beggarly he's excepting that he is additionally a homosexual like Beto. In the adventure Diaz doesn't say it absolutely that he wants to do the complete adverse of whatever Beto do, but he gives the clairvoyant that feeling. It is accessible that Diaz can be annoyed with drowning in his neighborhood, because on folio 100 the army recruiter offers Diaz a adventitious to escape his drowning, but Diaz refuses to appear up for air. The columnist pathos, logos, and appearance plays a role in the adventure also. Diaz uses some symbols such as the basin and specific words to accurate himself in a way that makes the adventure feel more, cartoon the clairvoyant into his apple and his ascertainment from aboriginal being point of view. Throughout the columnist Junot Diaz moves in and out of his appearance quotes, which is a acceptable affair because it gives the columnist a believability and it communicates that their statements are added than aloof facts, they're a allotment of Diaz anamnesis of a activity or a specific time. However the alone way accessible for Diaz to abandon his suffocation and drowning is by abutting the Army, but Diaz is still adjoin and afraid to appear up for air, but uses the actuality that he helps his mother as an alibi for not abrogation his adjacency and advancing up for air.

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