Drama paper Essay

   Students will accept ONE of the afterward themes: Betrayal OR Love OR Loyalty OR Revenge Students will address a five-paragraph article with an addition of at atomic 10 sentences. The apriorism will be in the aboriginal branch and will be ONE SENTENCE. Accept ONE affair from aloft  and address ONE acknowledging branch discussing it in ANTIGONE and ONE acknowledging branch on the SAME THEME IN DEATH OF A SALESMAN. The third acknowledging branch will be your acquaintance or the acquaintance of addition whom you apperceive ON THE SAME THEME.  DO NOT USE AN OUTSIDE SOURCE. THAT WILL BE PLAGIARSM. THIS PAPER WILL BE YOUR IDEAS—AND ONLY YOURS. You will address a five-paragraph article with your apriorism accent of 3 to 3 ½ pages of 60 lines, bifold –spaced with no added spaces amid paragraphs. 1-inch margins and Times New Roman 12 point. At the basal of anniversary page, you will address the cardinal of curve on anniversary page. No cardboard beneath 60 curve will be accepted. Any curve quoted from the plays will add that cardinal of curve to the breadth of the paper.

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