Choose to address on one of the four plays on your account account and address a 750- to 1000-word review, accumulation the elements of summary, analysis, and response/evaluation. You can alloy these elements in abundant ways. Back autograph a response, you chronicle your thoughts, feelings, opinions, interpretations, and associations to a accurate allotment of writing. Back autograph a summary, you adduce the story, but back autograph a review, you appetite to abbreviate this arbitrary to a branch or two; otherwise, you are autograph a book report.  When autograph a comedy or cine review, you appraise the comedy based on assertive criteria, and in this case on the afterward criteria: artifice and conflict, assuming and motivation, theme, symbol, gestures, setting, accent (tone and irony). Appraise the comedy in agreement of how it endless up. Is the artifice believable? Why or why not? Are the characters likeable? Why or why not? Overall, how would you amount this comedy and why? Consider the audience, purpose, and occasion, and whether you are advising or not advising this comedy to others.

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