Draft Chapter 5: Conclusion

  Draft Affiliate 5: Conclusion For this discussion, column your Affiliate 5: Conclusion draft. Write your analysis catechism at the top of the post. Use the afterward headings to adapt your work: Implications: Describe what the abstraction agency for participants, their communities, and the professionals who serve them. Describe how the new ability serves the scientists who strive to body on accepted interpretations of accessible evidence. Think about the ramifications of the abstraction for all stakeholders, including the agencies and institutions that armamentarium research. This is area you can activate to abode the amount of the abstraction to abeyant grantors and alternative allotment sources. Limitations: Abode the methodological strengths and weaknesses as able-bodied as abeyant populations that may account from extensions of the analysis above the accepted ambit of the analysis question. Consider alternating analysis practices that may crop added admired information. Suggestions for Future Research: Wrap up the final affiliate by introducing accessible areas of accompanying abstraction and the abeyant for added analysis into new populations or regions. Consider means of extending the accepted analysis question. When announcement this discussion, amuse archetype and adhesive the abstract of Affiliate 5 to the bulletin box in accession to submitting a Word doc.

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