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Dorothy  My apogee activity involves convalescent accommodating outcomes for patients who acquaintance postpartum hemorrhage. I plan to accommodate apprenticeship to nurses on affection of postpartum hemorrhage, brainwash on accent of quantitative claret loss, accommodate simulation trainings to be able to advance advice and care, and advance a agreement for analysis of hemorrhage. At first, I anticipation that we would be able to accommodate all aspects of the postpartum drain array at one time. However, afterwards discussing it with my mentor, she feels it would be best to accommodate anniversary articulation individually. She alien me to a abstraction alleged Team STEPPS. There are four capital concepts in the framework: communication, leadership, bearings ecology and alternate support. The Team STEPPS archetypal has three phases as well: planning, implementing and sustaining. By application the Team STEPP archetypal bloom affliction agencies can be added acknowledged in implementing change and accommodate safer college affection affliction (Health Research & Educational Trust, 2015). Based on this concept, we will present the basal apprenticeship for postpartum drain at a agents meeting. Our ambition will be to accord all agents associates time to action the educational material, so that our aboriginal simulation training, allows them to authenticate compassionate of the educational material.     Current goal:  Staff affair mid-September  First simulation training aboriginal to Mid-October      Reference  Health Research & Educational Trust. (2015). Convalescent accommodating assurance ability through teamwork and  communication: TeamSTEPPS®. Chicago, IL:Health Research & Educational Trust. Retrieved from  https://www.aha.org/system/files/2018-01/2015_teamstepps_FINAL.pdf

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