DQ 3-1

   According to enotes.com, (2018), Horizontal authoritative exists back departments of agnate rank aural the authoritative bureaucracy assignment collaboratively appear a accepted outcome. Many parties get complex in action formation. This checks and ensures that there is antithesis arrangement benefiting the accessible in alive one rogue adopted President cannot accomplish decisions after accountability. This is because one of the capital responsibilities of adopted leaders is to represent the absorption of the people. Congress holds the President answerable for his or her actions. Each annex of government has some way to authority the alternative annex accountable. Therefore, there is bureaucracy ensures that there is breeze of ability and affiliation aural these branches of the government such the executive, assembly and the judiciary. References   Enotes.com (2018). “What is the altered amid Horizontal and Vertical Action Making?” Retrieved from https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/what-different-between-horizontal-vertical-policy-255176 Legaldictionary.net (n.d.). Checks and Balances. Retrieved from https://legaldictionary.net/checks-and-balances/ Truman library.org (2017). Three Branches of Government Retrieved from https://trumanlibrary.org/whistlestop/teacher_lessons/3branches/1.htm

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