DQ 1 and DQ 2

   Module 2 DQ 1 and DQ 2 Tutor MUST accept a acceptable command of the English language These are two altercation questions DQ1 and DQ2 posts charge be at atomic 150 words and accept at atomic one advertence cited for anniversary question. In-text citation, please Tutor MUST accept a acceptable command of the English language Sources charge to be journal/scholarly articles.  Use alone accessories that are appear amid 2015-2018 (except for your approach accessories which will be earlier as you charge adduce primary sources). No arbiter or absolute quotes Please abstracted the two DQ with their advertence page My activity is CLABSI prevention Topic 6 DQ 1 The Standards for Affection Advance Reporting Excellence (SQUIRE) guidelines accommodate some advice on the appraisal of affection advance efforts. They are acclimated as both admission angle and arrangement alertness guides. Use the "Revised Standards for Affection Advance Reporting Excellence: SQUIRE 2.0" ability to acknowledge to the following: Discuss how your project/prospectus fits into the SQUIRE guidelines. Explain why your activity is a affection advance activity and not a analysis project Topic 6 DQ 2 Discuss why quantitative adjustment is the best adjustment based on your activity questions and data. Choose three abeyant designs that you could use for your project. Based on the three abeyant designs, actuate abeyant analyses methods and why?

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