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  In a absolute of bristles (minimum) to six pages (maximum), not including the appellation folio or advertence page, abode 2 of the 3 prompts below.  Although some advice can be begin in your textbook, this  assignment may crave you to attending up added advice and capacity about  alcohol, tobacco, and biologic use specific to your academy campus. Amuse  use and advertence any statistics, facts, or examples that you may find.  Real examples assignment the best including claimed experience; however, if  you do not accept one, you can actualize a book as appropriate.  Amuse  note, if you do not either use an archetype or actualize a scenario, again the  assignment is beneath applicative to a real-world bearings and this could  affect your grade.  You charge answer all genitalia of the questions with  no errors to accept abounding credit.  Use APA format, double-space,  include a appellation page, folio numbers on the top appropriate corner, and amuse  use actual spelling and grammar.  As always, I DO calculation off for spelling and grammar errors, so be accurate and adapt your assignment afore submitting. Amuse accommodate both prompts in the aforementioned document. Prompt 1: Booze Use on Academy Campuses Alcohol use is accustomed on academy campuses. Abounding academy acceptance  participate in affair bubbler and alternative bubbler competitions that can  be alarming and alike fatal. Abode the afterward questions on booze  use in college: What are some of the best accepted abrogating after-effects academy acceptance acquaintance as a aftereffect of drinking? Why do acceptance abide the abrogating behaviors of acceptance who accept been drinking? How can you abstain bubbler amounts of booze that will affect your acumen and attempt your safety? If you see a acquaintance accepting too abounding drinks at a party, what accomplishments  could you booty to accomplish abiding he or she is safe and responsible? Are there accurate traditions or norms accompanying to back and why acceptance alcohol on your campus? Prompt 2: Tobacco Use on Academy Campuses Cigarette smoker amid academy acceptance has decreased back the backward  1990’s. While this trend is important to note, academy acceptance are  often afflicted by the media and their aeon to appoint in tobacco use  including smoker cigarettes. In an accomplishment to abate smoking, abounding  college campuses accept implemented smoke-free behavior on campus. Abode  the afterward questions on tobacco use on academy campuses: Have you noticed a change in the cardinal of acceptance on your campus who smoke? What do you anticipate are their affidavit for smoking? What keeps them from quitting? Do you anticipate restrictions on smoker are fair? Why or why not? What are the tobacco use or smoker behavior on your campus? How would you change the tobacco use or smoker behavior on your campus? Prompt 3: Biologic Use on Academy Campuses Students use and corruption drugs for a array of altered affidavit  including, but not bound to curiosity, amusing norms, stress, abode  and fraternity membership, and ancestors history of addiction. In a abstraction  of biologic use amid abounding time academy students, over 50% had acclimated some  type of adulterous drug. Abode the afterward questions on biologic use on  college campuses: How accepted is biologic use and corruption on your academy campus? What types of biologic analysis and accretion programs are accessible for acceptance on your campus? What strategies does your campus use to anticipate biologic use and corruption on campus? If your campus does not currently accept any strategies to anticipate  drug use and corruption campus, what would you acclaim for programs or  services? Do you anticipate there is such a affair as amenable use of adulterous drugs?

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