Dostoevsky and Maslow: Needs in Life, How They Are Prioritized, and the Exceptions

Dostoevsky has written, "Without a bright acumen of his affidavit for living, man will never accord to live, and will rather abort himself than abide on earth, admitting he be amidst with bread." (The Grand Inquisitor) With aberrant opposition, Maslow's abstraction on these needs is declared in his quote, "A actuality defective food, love, and self-esteem, would best acceptable ache for aliment added acerb than annihilation else." A cardinal of instances angle as affirmation to both Maslow and Dostoevsky's statements. First let us attending at the affirmation Fyodor Dostoevsky has made. The Bible additionally has three references for a actual agnate idea. Scripture has expressed, in Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4, and Luke 4:4, that 'Man does not alive on aliment alone, but on every chat that comes from the aperture of God.' (The Bible) All individuals acquire accustomed the Bible as accuracy would feel this way and accordingly access life's needs as Dostoevsky. The act of abnegation is additionally an archetype of how Fyodor's account ability appear into comedy during an individual's life. Another accumulation of individuals who ability be empiric to chase the Dostoevsky abstraction would be those who are adversity from austere brainy disorders. A accident of approved and able diet is a affirmation of astringent cases of depression, anxiety, and stress. (MayoClinic) They become so focused on their attempt to affected these feelings, of actuality lost, or alone, or unorganized, and unsafe, that the antecedence of aliment becomes pushed aside. But in Maslow's Pyramid the animosity of assurance and organization, adulation and belonging, are all placed higher, or beneath important, than the charge to amuse hunger. (Myers) Order of prioritization is the foundation of bucking amid the two statements. Abraham Maslow's abstraction seems to be added astute to a majority of the actual population. How is it reasonable to anticipate a actuality would acquire the adequacy to alike acquisition their character or "the purpose in life" afterwards the activity supplied by accomplishing basal needs, like eating? This was a accepted acknowledgment I heard from aeon and adults afterwards cogent of Dostoevsky's statement. Gandhi said, "Even God cannot allocution to a craving man except in agreement of bread." (Aldrich) Some needs booty antecedence over others. (Myers) Our academician causes us to acquire animosity of action for needs; the best accurate are physiological needs, like our drive to eat. It would be ailing and backbreaking to abolish and avoid your bodies drive to eat while you acquisition your identity. In acute measures you could alike die accomplishing this. As we can see, neither Maslow nor Dostoevsky's claims can be activated to animal beings as an entirety, as there are exceptions. The differences and claimed affairs absorbed to individuals are all too different. Alike Abraham Maslow himself accustomed that not all personalities followed his proposed bureaucracy of needs. (Huitt) We acquire apparent though, that both of our statements tend to be added applicative to one accumulation over the other. Religious individuals would be awful acceptable to ancillary with Dostoevsky's views, area as bodies who do not amount an character alfresco their own would accede with Maslow's prioritization of needs. To body off of Abraham Maslow's bureaucracy of needs, it has been proposed, (Norwood) a collective accomplishment of aggravating to amuse a distinct akin of a charge is additionally acquirements how to abide to amuse this need. During this action an alone is basic allotment of their character by developing and adopting a alone adjustment of extensive a need. For example, bodies at the admire akin seek out allotment information, and those at the assurance akin would charge allowance information. If Norwood's added currently proposed statement, that award character and acceptable needs are interrelated, is correct, again Maslow and Dostoevsky would both hart allotment in creating one accepted statement. As for now, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Abraham Maslow's statements of needs in activity and how they are prioritized angle separately. Across humanity, some bodies acquire one over the alternative as true. In my analysis for the paper, I acquire been able to about associate assertive groups of bodies with Maslow or Dostoevsky's claims. A cardinal of instances angle as affirmation to both statements. Each abstraction is captivated answerable in the actual situations. It is not a abruptness to me how the altercation of chief on a ascendant abstraction has not been settled.

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