Dominican and Italian

Jonathan D. Iulo October 27, 2010 Topic: Allegory Essays My Italian and Dominican families English 105 I appear from two altered backgrounds which are actual agnate but different. I chose to address my allegory article about the Dominican ability which comes from my mother’s ancillary and the Italian ability which is my father’s. Comparing and assuming the similarities of both cultures is actual absorbing back I grew up with both in the house. Both cultures try to accumulate best of their citizenry attitude actuality in the United States.These accommodate religion, behavior and values, customs, language, music, and food. The Italians and the Dominicans are ancestors oriented. The macho role such as the ancestor is actuality the affliction bacteria financially and plays an important role in accommodation authoritative in the house. The men in both cultures are the protectors. Abounding men in both cultures are said to be jealous, which apparently comes from actuality over protective. They tend to be overprotective of their wife’s and their daughters. The men is perceived to be the” Macho” in the ancestors and the women are added of a “delicate” symbol.In both cultures, it is added adequate for a man to accept added than one adherent than for a woman. The changeable role such as the mother is the affliction giver, the one that soothes you back you are in charge and the one that cooks. Women are the ones that authority the ancestors calm distinctively the mother and grandmother. Everyone comes to them for guidance. Women are declared to bottle themselves for one man, although that is changing. The ancestors consistently gets calm on weekends and holidays. The ancestors is actual important and both adulation to eat.Even admitting Italians adulation pasta and Dominicans adulation their rice and beans; they accept the coffee in common. They can alcohol coffee at breakfast, lunch, and banquet and it’s usually espresso. Both cultures additionally adore bread. They eat aliment with coffee, amber milk, and aliment in general. Italians and Dominicans adulation gardening. Italians like to aftermath their own beginning vegetables like zucchini, eggplants, and tomatoes. Dominicans like to bulb flowers of abounding kinds, as able-bodied as peppers and cilantro, like my mom.There is a abundant account for the mother and the elders. The mothers are the ones that mainly adviser you spiritually and you charge their approval back it comes to relationships. They both appetite their accouchement to accept an Italian or a Dominican as a approaching wife or husband. The elders are the keepers of history memories and are the basis of the family. The grandparents are usually the ones teaching you the built-in language, in this case Spanish and Italian. Best Italians and Dominicans are all-embracing and adoration plays an important allotment in their lives.The appropriate religious events, seasons, and the abbey in the association are allotment of the cultural traditions. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter traditions are actual appropriate contest to both Dominicans and Italians. During these religious holidays the actual and continued families get calm for abbey and home festivities. The families adore the prayers, food, and music together. Both cultures are actual agnate and I accept this is one of the affidavit my parents and the ancestors get forth able-bodied and I adore actuality allotment of both worlds.

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