Does whether or not one’s job makes it difficult to fulfill family responsibilities affect family satisfaction?

1. Describe what your affair is, delivery it as a analysis question. Amuse note: a. the affair has to be folklore in nature;  b. your analysis catechism should finer be added accepted and advancing than a hypothesis; (it is not a hypothesis, not yet); 2. Analyze variables (one DV, at atomic one IV) which you accept begin in the GSS dataset (use the chase action at Make abiding you set the year to be "2012" afore you search, back you are appropriate to use abstracts from GSS 2012 for your project. If you accept questions, accredit to the screenshots absorbed at the basal of folio for a step-by-step tutorial. If your capricious of absorption is NOT in the 2012 abstracts set, accede alteration your affair to assignment with accessible data.  a. analyze capricious names; for example, "childs" is a capricious name. It stands for "Number of children."  b. analyze the catechism accompanying to this capricious that was asked in the analysis (in verbatim). For example, GSS analysis catechism for capricious "childs" is as follows (in verbatim):  How abounding accouchement accept you anytime had? Amuse calculation all that were built-in animate at any time (including any you had from a antecedent marriage). 3. Explain why you chose these variables for your project;  4. Explain why you anticipate there is a alternation or a relationship.  Reiteration: we will be application the 2012 abstracts set for our project. All variables in your activity HAVE to appear from this 2012 abstracts set. If you cannot acquisition your variables of interest, alter your activity in adjustment to assignment with the 2012 data.  If you charge step-by-step tutorial, amuse download the screenshots absorbed at the basal of the folio (after allocation rubrics) for details. Step 1: go to the GSS Abstracts Explorer website: (you don't charge an annual to analyze GSS abstracts site. But you are added than acceptable to actualize an account. ) you could use the capricious aloft as you IV and again your DV could be satfam7: B. All things considered, how annoyed are you with your ancestors life?   Code Label   1 Completely annoyed   2 Very annoyed   3 Fairly annoyed   4 Neither annoyed nor annoyed   5 Fairly annoyed   6 Very annoyed   7 Completely annoyed   8 Cannot accept   9 No acknowledgment   0 Not applicative     The catechism you would be allurement for this accurate best would be:  Does whether or not one's job makes it difficult to accomplish ancestors responsibilities affect ancestors satisfaction? All things considered, how annoyed are you with your ancestors life?

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