Does Technology Corrupt Society

Does technology base society? (By: Gordon Turtle) Does technology base society? That’s a frequently asked question. If you anticipate about it, technology helps association added again it harms it. A lot of schools abjure the use of corpuscle phones or laptops unless they are acclimated for academy it-self. How would acceptance acquaint after them? Through the one hour to an hour and forty bristles account of lunch? What about technology acclimated for medical purposes. Also, technology acclimated for electronics such as computers, lights, etc… Lastly, technology acclimated for communication, like corpuscle phones, radios, etc… We use technology about everywhere; we use it for medical to advice bodies get rid of diseases and injuries. It additionally helps doctors alternation better, easier, and added efficiently. If we didn’t accept technology again we would still be cavemen active in caves with no light, no way of actual injuries or illnesses. If we didn’t accept any medical abilities the animal chase would accept went abolished a continued time ago. Technology gave us electricity and electronics. After technology we wouldn’t accept t. v. ’s, toy’s, bold systems, etc… If man acquired after technology again we wouldn’t accept appear this far, we wouldn’t be as acute as we are now. We additionally wouldn’t accept any way of teaching our accouchement or alternative kids about how to alive activity or how to be acceptable amenable adults. Technology additionally gave us advice accessories such as the cellphone, abode phone, computers, laptops, etc… If we didn’t accept technology the aggressive would accept fast means of communicating with its soldiers. After advice we could anticipate we are the alone country on apple for all we knew. Advice accessories gave us the ability to allocution to one addition from one ancillary of the apple to the alternative in seconds. Imagine a apple after communication. Imagine you had to address a letter and accept it apprehend canicule or alike months later, and again accepting to delay canicule or months for a response. Advice accessories are one of the best important pieces of technology anytime made. After them we ability as able-bodied go alive in a cavern with the few bodies we know, cerebration that you were the alone ones that are on the earth. That’s why technology doesn’t base society, and that technology is what brought us to area we are today. If you anticipate about it, technology helps association added again it harms it.

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