Doctoral Paper Address Technology Deficiencies Healthcare-

   Based on the absorbed book and application a systems cerebration approach, abode the following: 1. According to Batchelor (2013), three botheration breadth in EHR systems which arrest accommodating affliction and operational achievement accommodate missing functionality, apathetic achievement and missing data. Elaborate on at atomic bristles systemic problems with the absolute advice systems that ability arrest your ability from alerting the CDC about the accident and consequence of anthrax poisoning. 2. With the accepted accompaniment of your organization’s IT capability, what are the accessible repercussions of the absolution of the bane in the ambition area? 3. Visit the CDC website and analysis the National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDSS). Explain how the NEDSS would admittance the CDC to aggregate added complete abstracts on anthrax outbreaks rapidly. Identify the affidavit that NEDSS would acceptable be a added able agency of capturing, analyzing, and comparing abstracts beyond the bristles cities. 4. Explain three abstruse strategies to adapt healthcare providers in the five­city breadth in the accident of a agitator attack. Length: 2–3 pages (excluding appellation page, references page, and any appendices) References: Accommodate a minimum of 3 peer­ reviewed, bookish resources. Your appointment should authenticate anxious application of the account and concepts that are presented in the advance and accommodate new thoughts and insights apropos anon to this topic. Your angle should additionally reflect Doctorate akin autograph and APA standards (6th edition).  

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