Doctor of Pharmacy Admission Essay

My name is Cidone Saintvil, and I am 33years old. I am currently accessory Broward College in Davie, Florida. I accept alleged pharmacy as a career because through the advance of my activity I accept apparent how abundant bodies appear to depend on their pharmacist. Growing up, I saw that patients do not consistently accept ability about medications and generally they are abashed to allege to their doctor about how they should booty medications.  The being bodies about-face to for advice and for description of medical questions is their pharmacist. I accept abstruse a abundant accord over the aftermost few years, but I apperceive there is abundant added that I can learn.  My abiding ambition is to become pharmacist.  My actual ambition is to abide to apprentice as abundant as I can to be able to advice my patients to become abreast on the accent of their medications. I accept that the Doctor of Pharmacy affairs will advice me accomplish both of these goals. I appear from the aforementioned socioeconomic accomplishments as abounding of the patients that appear to the pharmacies that I accept formed in.  I am bilingual which will advice in situations area a accommodating needs article explained in their built-in language. I can adapt and admonition these patients calmly on how and why they charge to booty their medications. My parents are elderly, so I accept a actual acceptable compassionate of how to accord with aged customers.  Abounding pharmacists do not apprehend the bulk of backbone and compassionate that is bare to advice the aged and activity with my mother or ancestor to aces up a medication for them, I accept apparent how affronted a pharmacist can get back my parents ask them a lot of questions.  I additionally accept a acceptable moral appearance and I accept that I will serve as a role archetypal for approaching pharmacists. In July of 2003, I accomplished my acceptance as a Certified Pharmacy Artisan in July of 2003.  I accept been accessory Broward College and the classes that I accept taken there accept accustomed me a acceptable foundation on which to body alternative capital ability that I will apprentice in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. I accept been mentored throughout my apprenticeship by Morris Bellman, a pharmacist.  Mr. Bellman has been a coach and a acquaintance and he has accomplished me abounding important lessons, acquaint that I abundance greatly.  He has accomplished me the accent of the way that decree drugs are administered, what the accessible ancillary furnishings of altered drugs are, and about the amount and availability of all-encompassing drugs that can be commissioned for the decree equivalent. I accept abstruse a accord by account the best accepted bookish affidavit in the acreage of pharmacy.  I feel I am now able for the abutting footfall in my educational journey, the Doctor of pharmacy program. For the accomplished 11 years I accept formed in assorted positions ambidextrous with medication and patients. From January 1998 to 2003, I captivated the positions of a actual abettor and a chump account agent at Caremark Mail Order Pharmacy in Weston, Florida. In July of 2003, I accustomed my acceptance and back my acceptance I accept been alive for Soliant Health (formerly alleged Cardinal Health) as a pharmacy technician.  With every job that I accept held, I accept abstruse a abundant accord and I accept consistently been acquisitive to apprentice added and feel anniversary befalling has added able me for my abutting footfall which is acceptance to the Doctor of Pharmacy program. In closing, I feel that my claimed and able accomplishments makes me an accomplished applicant for this program.  I am a adamantine worker, cocky motivated and I am attractive to accomplish a change.  I accept consistently acquainted that a pharmacist is added again aloof the dispenser of medications.  I feel that the pharmacist is declared to be addition who has the best absorption of the accommodating in apperception and is there to advice them with any and all questions.

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