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IV. FINAL "CAMPUS ACCESS" PAPER (15%) -- Due MAY 13 This division acceptance were tasked with administering a "pre and post" appraisal of affliction admission on campus, application the accoutrement of beheld anthropology.  There were two "pre" tasks assigned at the alpha of the division (and graded as P/F), and now, at the end of the division as allotment of the final paper, acceptance will amend their appointment based on what they abstruse during the beforehand and conduct a "post" assessment.  This will additionally be done by demography pictures with your smartphones.  In accession to capturing aspects of campus in beheld format, acceptance afresh are actuality tasked with autograph angel descriptions, and absorption about what these pictures represent.  Acceptance charge actuate what is "culturally salient" in the angel that is important to convey.  Amuse abide the images separately, application this appointment articulation (if you haven't uploaded your images already).    I will analysis the angel files separately, so there is no charge to bury the pictures into your narrative.  However, if you may accept to use an angel in the adapted anecdotal area of your paper, to highlight a specific point -- amuse be abiding the associated angel is small.  DO NOT bury your images into the text, to aggrandize folio length.  The advice beneath pertains to the final cardboard -- The final cardboard on "campus access" should be at atomic 5 pages in breadth (double-spaced; max 12-point chantry and max 1-inch margins).  Papers that anon affix to beforehand materials, ideas, and agreeable will be denticulate added highly.  Some apparatus of this cardboard additionally crave alfresco and/or online research. Thus, your cardboard additionally has to accommodate a account of references (sources cited); these do not calculation appear the folio length.  Lastly, allotment of your brand will be based on overall ability and affiliation of beforehand content, as able-bodied as autograph quality/clarity and adapted formatting (i.e., length, use of sources, etc). There is no added rubric, but your cardboard should accommodate the afterward sections: A. SELF-EVALUATION    Evaluate your old photos from the alpha of the semester.  Based on what you abstruse this term, would you booty the aforementioned image(s) today to allegorize admission (or abridgement thereof)?  Why or why not?  How would you amend the angel and/or description to be added accurate?  Tell me about what you abstruse this division by 'correcting' your old photos and/or descriptions.  If you feel that they were accomplished before, amuse explain why that is the case and how/why they do not charge updating. B.  "POST" EVALUATION  Take 10 new pictures of campus that authenticate affliction access/rights, or a abridgement of access. They can be of annihilation or anywhere on campus; they do not charge to be of the aforementioned armpit or affair you articular beforehand in the term, nor do they all charge to be on the aforementioned topic. Use these images and accompanying descriptions to allegorize what you abstruse this division about affliction access, culture, and the congenital environment. These will be adjourned for absolute accuracy, clashing the "pre" set, so you may charge to do some online analysis to verify your claims (e.g., about absolute architectural codes, the ADA, accessibility audits, etc).  You will abide the images and descriptions as a abstracted file, then, actuality in the paper, use this amplitude to allocution about the pictures you took.  Explain how your images and descriptions reflect what you abstruse this semester.      C. SOCIAL MODEL OF DISABILITY  Do you anticipate these aspects of campus reflect a amusing archetypal of disability, how so?  Why or why not?  (Bonus question:  how do these aspects of campus advice to assemble disability?)  This is acutely an important area of your paper.   D. OTHER COLLEGES  What are alternative academy campuses accomplishing to reflect the amusing model, beforehand affliction rights, and/or accommodate accommodations? Accommodate abstracts from at atomic 3 altered colleges (in the US or internationally) about aspects of affliction rights or affliction ability that we don't accept actuality at MSU, and which you anticipate are innovative.  Be abiding to explain why you anticipate these aspects would be benign to have.  In alternative words, if we were to accept these kinds of things at MSU, what aberration would it make?  How would they advice bodies to apprentice better, be added included, or abode some alternative ambition of college education? E.  HOW DOES MSU COMPARE?  "DISABILITY CULTURE" ON CAMPUS You may accept begin in your online research, that MSU has some apartment that alternative schools do not have, yet is missing ones that assume accepted elsewhere.  What "grade" would you accord MSU on affliction access, and why?  How do we fair comparatively?  Why do you anticipate the items you mentioned in area D are not at MSU?  Can you accomplish an altercation for bringing these kinds of apartment to MSU, alike if we accept alone a few disabled acceptance and apartment are costly?  And importantly, what 3 specific suggestions do you accept for "moving the needle" on affliction rights on our campus?  How can we advance added "disability culture" at our school?  Be as specific as possible.   Note:  You can use any appearance for citations, as continued as you are consistent. Your cardboard should accommodate a work-cited or advertence folio (see here (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. for added advice about how to appropriately cite).  Rubric Action Reflection Essay - RubricAction Reflection Essay - RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeDis Rights POV4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning Outcomeabout PAR methods4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning Outcomeabout Campus Access4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeTies to and K of beforehand content20.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks20.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeWriting4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeMisc architecture etc4.0 ptsFull Marks0.0 ptsNo Marks4.0 pts Total Points: 40.0 the articulation is the appointment i did ahead for this, use as a ability to refelct on or whatever lol

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