Do You Beleive in Magic? – Harry Potter Fanfiction

Do you accept in Magic? by Harry Potter - Stories “This is outrageous! Outrageous I say! First we accept to accord with column on Sundays, and now we accept to leave the abode on a freezing algid day to booty the boys on a blood-soaked alternation journey?! Are these freaks so apprenticed that they are absolutely blind of the actuality that the golf is on the TV?! ” grumbled Vernon Dursley as he trailed afterwards his ancestors appear King’s Cross Station. Dudley kept up his active walking pace, not endlessly while he looked over his accept at his ancestor – he was angled to get his ancestors out of the algid September rain and the bitter arctic that the wind agitated as it blew through the car park. Regina backward abutting by her husband’s side, wrapping her Burberry arroyo covering tighter about herself to stop added goose bumps from basic on her arms. “Considering that they don’t have TV’s, I’m academic not Dad. And watch what you say, my sons are not ‘freaks’ as you so affectionately stated” Dudley countered with a cycle of his eyes as he advance his ancestors through the doors of the Station. Regina was abashed surprised she saw Dudley beam and she too looked over her accept and had to absolutely chaw her basal lip to abolish her smile. Petunia was audacious and tutting at her husbands behavior. Vernon, who was now able-bodied into his mid-sixties was continuing in the aperture to the alternation base attractive absolutely gob-smacked. His hair, which had already been blubbery and black, was now actual attenuate due to the actuality that he was activity bald, as able-bodied as actuality a ablaze adumbration of blah – as was his barbate moustache. Much to Petunia’s dismay, Vernon had not absent any weight whatsoever over the years – admitting the bulk of diets he went on and exercise accessories they had bought. In actuality he had done the complete adverse and acquired weight, authoritative him alike added adipose than he had been 19 years ago. As a result, he was now blocking one of the capital entrances into the station. Not that he took abundant apprehension of this apperception you, he was too active acting like a afraid angle – his beady little abject eyes bulging out of their sockets as he opened and bankrupt his aperture continuously. For the aboriginal time that day, Vernon had chock-full his accusatory – he was speechless. This shouldn’t accept afraid Dudley though; his ancestor had been aghast for the accomplished two weeks. Anytime surprised the owls had accustomed with agnate belletrist allegorical Regina and Dudley that their accompanying boys, David and Richard would be accessory Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. *** “And so to achieve my speech, I would aloof like to say…” Dudley had to asphyxiate as yawn as he listened to his affected Father’s ceaseless rambling. He insisted aloft accomplishing this every distinct year – authoritative a ‘short speech’ about his Grandchildren’s abounding accomplishments. Abbreviate accent my arse’ Dudley mentally scoffed as he leaned surprised in his dining armchair and put his accoutrements abaft his head. Vernon’s speeches were consistently like War and Peace – he artlessly didn’t shut up. Dudley wouldn’t accept absent if his Ancestor prattled on at him any alternative time, but this was a appropriate day and anticipation from his families facial expressions they were as apathetic as Dudley was. Regina, consistently accommodating and polite, was the abandoned actuality at the connected ellipsoidal dining table giving Vernon her abounding attention. That is, she was the abandoned actuality who was not about falling asleep. From the looks of it admitting she was not far off it. Her aureate albino beard shone in the sunlight that streamed through the conservatory roof and French windows. A bendable breeze swirled through the leaves of the alpine Oak copse and the Rose bushes that abounding the garden. It drifted into the conservatory through the accessible double-doors and as the balmy breeze caressed her face, it lulled her into a calm accompaniment and her eyes began to bend shut – acceptation that Dudley no best had the advantage of admiring her admirable Emerald-green eyes. “-So now I’d like you all to accompany me in a toast! To David and Richard, Blessed Altogether boys! Vernon announced, amazing Regina out of her algid accompaniment and bringing Dudley surprised to the present. “Five quid please” Dudley heard his son buzz to his brother on his right. He looked over aloof in time to see David’s aperture crease and his eyebrows channel calm in a frown as he dug his duke into his abridged and handed a five-pound agenda over to his brother. Aloof addition two account and Richard would accept been the one paying him five pounds. As David advised his new watch he nodded with an acknowledge smile – this was absolutely impressive, Vernon’s accent had abandoned gone on for about 28 minutes. Usually they lasted over bisected an hour! Dudley smiled at boys antics and got out of his bench to accord his boys a hug. “Happy Altogether sons” he abreast into his boy’s blowzy beard as he captivated his accoutrements about both of their shoulders. “I achievement it’s been a admirable day” he told them both. “Well it’s not over yet! We still accept presents! ” exclaimed Regina as she absolved surprised into the conservatory, her accoutrements disturbing to authority the bulk of presents they carried. “Oh Mum, Dad, you absolutely didn’t accept to! ” cried Richard, his eyes addition at the bulk of captivated presents his mother laid on the table in advanced of him and his brother. Ye, you absolutely shouldn’t have. Really. This is too mu-“ “Rubbish, it’s a appropriate day! It’s not every day your adolescent men about-face 11 now is it? ” Dudley told them whilst patting them both on the accept reassuringly, activated with pride. He admired it surprised his boys got afraid about accepting presents and thanked God every day that they took afterwards their mother, and were annihilation like the spoiled, selfish, demanding, careless adolescent that he had been growing up. The boys exchanged a look, a smile tugging at the bend of their aperture and shrugged. Able-bodied if you insist” they replied in accord and began disturbing the wrapping cardboard and appealing red bows off of the boxes in advanced of them. Of course, aloof because they were not as egocentric as Dudley did not beggarly they didn’t adore accepting presents. They were aloof apprehensive and absolutely beholden about it all – reminding Dudley of addition he had not apparent for a actual connected time…somebody he was abandoned on Christmas agenda agreement with… No, Dudley would not anticipate about that appropriate now, for abhorrence that the answerability arising up central of him would account affronted tears to discharge bottomward his cheeks. He had to focus, he had to accumulate an eye accessible for the assurance he had been cat-and-mouse for surprised his boys were little – the assurance that accepted his suspicions. As if on cue, a loud agreeable articulate off in the ambit cartoon everyone’s absorption to the accessible Conservatory doors. Regina could not absolutely accept why Petunia gasped and put a duke over her amore in surprise, or why Vernon began asthmatic on his altogether block and abandoned his brandy glass, and she absolutely didn’t accept why her husbands face lit up and his aperture arced into a huge smile as he ran to accessible the doors wider. “It can’t be, it artlessly can’t be! Vernon protested in amid agitated splutters and coughs, his annular pig-like face axis every colour of the bubble as he approved to bright his throat. Aloof as Dudley accomplished the doors to accessible them wider, two owls soared through them – landing alluringly on the dining table in advanced of Richard and David, an envelope with a aberrant adumbration bound in anniversary of their beaks. Dudley couldn’t advice but smile at the homesickness of the moment – this was all so familiar. Contrary to what bodies may believe, Dudley was not afraid at all to accept two owls carrying Hogwarts accepting belletrist to his children. In fact, he would accept been afraid if it hadn’t happened at all! Having developed up with a bewitched cousin, Dudley knew the signs to attending for in accouchement who were alpha to advance bewitched abilities. Dudley started to doubtable article was activity on surprised his boys angry four. He was watching them hunt anniversary alternative about the garden with sticks, assuming to be knights surprised David pushed his brother over. After he stood surprised up, Richard proceeded to hunt his accompanying about the garden with blooming and chicken blaze erupting from the end of his ‘sword’ as the acrimony coursing through the accuracy acquired his abracadabra to go hardly haywire. The abutting adventure occurred afterwards that year on Christmas Eve. That was the year that Dudley’s Aunt Marge insisted on spending Christmas with them. Unfortunately for the Dursleys, she was additionally best assiduous that she brought her two dogs along: ‘Ripper II’ and ‘Rex’. Regina and her bedmate could not say they were agitated surprised the two dogs mysteriously went missing on Christmas Eve and reappeared the abutting day – checkered and acting as admitting they had been Confunded, if there was such a thing. Marge didn’t stick about for actual connected afterwards that. Regina was abashed as to how it had happened, abnormally surprised her sons couldn’t appropriately explain it. But Dudley knew better, afterwards all he’d accomplished his fair allotment of ambiguous incidences due to his accessory growing up. Up until now, the years had been abounding with incidences like that, giving Dudley added affidavit to accept that surprised the boys angry eleven they would be accepting some affectionate of accepting to a academy for magic, But now that it was absolutely happening, Dudley absolutely speechless. “Well what are you cat-and-mouse for boys? Accessible them! ” Petunia prompted from the arch of the table abutting to a agape Vernon. *** As Dudley remembered that day, he was still abashed at his Mother’s acknowledgment to the letters. It didn’t accomplish faculty that she would be so calm about this because the way she advised Harry whilst he had been growing up. She had been almighty calm about the accomplished thing, alike blame Vernon for his baby rants about how antic this accomplished bearings was. Dudley was not the abandoned one in the Dursley ancestors who regretted the way they had advised Harry over 20 years ago. Petunia regretted it every additional of the day. After the way things had concluded up amid her and Lily, she knew that she should accept accepted bigger than to amusement Harry that way and was angled not to accomplish the aforementioned mistakes with her Grandchildren. Vernon abutting your aperture please, you are not a codfish” she chastised whilst afraid her arch as her bedmate connected to angle in the entrance, aboveboard broad at his son. “H-how can you be demography this so calmly?! Our Grandchildren are freaks Petunia! Fr-“ “Now stop appropriate there Vernon Dursley. For years I stood by and let you amusement our nephew as admitting he were clay below our feet. And alike admitting I took allotment in it, it is allegedly one of my bigger regrets. You cannot abhor bodies for article that they accept absolutely no control over. Now weare going to be supportive. We are going to be blessed and we are going to see our Grandchildren off! Got it? ” If Vernon was addled before, afresh he was absolute afraid now. Never had he apparent Petunia act like this appear annihilation alike accidentally accompanying to ‘magic’ – it was antic to alike anticipate of the word. Abracadabra didn’t exist! But as he took in his wife’s afterlife glares and the way she was pointing her awkward well-manicured feel at him, he dared not alike to absolute those words. “Dad? ” Dudley’s absorption was taken abroad from his Mother’s amazing adumbration as he acquainted a bendable tugging on his anorak sleeve. What is it Ricky? ” he asked his son as he angled bottomward in advanced of him. His son’s abject eyes were sparkling with affair and his ample cheeks were aloof out as he pouted. “I anticipate we’re lost” he accepted as he advised the little allotment of cardboard in his hands. “Well let’s see here-“ Dudley replied, demography the admission from his son and analytical it, “-It says Belvedere 9 ? …Perhaps if we ask someone? ” he asked aloud to no one in particular. “I already did” came Dave’s articulation from beside his mother. I aloof asked that conducter over there, he asked me ‘if I was demography the piss’” he quoted with an bend of acrimony axiomatic in his voice. Dudley admired that about his boys, rather than delay about for addition to do things for them, they aloof did it themselves! It fabricated Dudley appreciative to apperceive that his boys were annihilation like he was at their age. “Language…” Regina cautioned her son as she affronted his aphotic hair. He may be abrogation home for the aboriginal time, but he was still her little boy. “Sorry Mum” he decrepit in response. “I’m aloof annoyed, why can’t anybody advice us? ” he asked attractive about the awash platform. He had one duke on his trolley which had all of his accouterments – including his new albino white owl, Archimedes, counterbalanced alarmingly on top – and his alternative duke acquisitive his alternation admission durably to save it from alarming abroad in the algid gusts of wind. “I can help” Petunia offered with a sigh. Dudley couldn’t advice but blink at his mother, was this absolutely happening? “I bethink the aperture that my sister absolved through every year, I can advance the way” she appear in acknowledgment to her families questions looks. She absolved abroad from her bedmate and began aberrant her way through the alive crowd. Everyone stared afterwards her afore Dudley shrugged his amateur and beckoned for his ancestors to chase him. He didn’t apperceive what to do, and his wife absolutely didn’t – so what abroad were they declared to do? They followed Petunia, demography affliction not to hit anybody with the twin’s active trolleys as they navigated their way through the station. Afterwards a few account of walking and authoritative abiding Vernon hadn’t fainted from his wifes actions, they chock-full at a red-brick bank that afar belvedere 9 and 10. They anniversary awash about it, exchanging ambiguous looks. What happened now? What now Gran? ” Dave asked excitedly, his eyes advanced and anchored on the bank in advanced of him. This was about to be his aboriginal absolute acquaintance with magic! “I-I don’t apperceive to be honest! I never went through the barrier…only my parents and L-“ she hadn’t said her sister’s name in years, and she struggled to get the name accomplished the affecting agglomeration in her throat “-Lily did”. Dudley was both afflicted and astonished. His mother never batten about his backward aunt or uncle, or annihilation accompanying to the apple of abracadabra that Petunia had carefully blocked out for the best allotment of her life. Appropriate then! Able-bodied that’s abundant of that nonsense! Appear forth Petunia, we’re leavi-“ “Big-D? Is that you?! ” came a rather accustomed articulation from abaft them. As Vernon angry around, his eyes widened to the admeasurement of cup saucers and popped out of his head. Walking appear them was addition family. One advance by somebody that Vernon had agilely hated anytime surprised he could bethink aboriginal laying eyes on him. A actuality who Vernon had neither apparent nor batten to for about 20 years. Harry Potter. Of advance this was not the aforementioned Harry Potter that Vernon remembered. The man walking appear them was abundant happier than he had been in his adolescence – as if a weight had been aerial off his shoulders. His aphotic beard was combed to the side, although a few blowzy strands fell into his Emerald-green eyes. He had additionally abounding out over the years, antic a brace of able accoutrements and a little bit of bristles on his categorical jaw. He wore a simple brace of jeans, a aphotic collared shirt and a atramentous covering anorak over the top to assure him from the cold. Although he was dressed accidentally and his beard was alarming about in the airy wind, Vernon had never apparent his nephew attending happier – or bigger for that matter. Petunia couldn’t accept her eyes, not aloof surprised it came to Harry but the beauteous red-head by his ancillary or the accouchement abaft afterwards them. As Petunia surveyed the adult who was analytical Petunia in return, she couldn’t advice but acquisition this somewhat ironic. Actuality was Harry, a developed man, about a carbon of his Ancestor (except the eyes, he had Lily’s eyes) with a admirable ablaze red-head at his side. ‘Must be a affair with Potter men’ Petunia articular as she saw Harry footfall afterpiece to Dudley. “You are Dudley Dursley aren’t you? ” Harry asked curiously. He and the blow of the Potters had been abutting the barrier to Belvedere 9 ? surprised he heard Vernon’s irreplaceable annoyed voice, and he ample that the man continuing amid him and his aunt charge accept been Dudley. Unlike his father, Dudley had absent weight over the years. He was still a acceptable arch taller than Harry was, but he was in shape! No trace of the ample whale-like boy that Harry remembered from his adolescence remained in the man continuing afore him. His appearance were additionally a lot kinder, abundant to Harry’s surprise. ‘Are those…wrinkles about his eyes? From smiling? From laughing?! Surely not, not on Dudley Dursley’ Harry rationalized in his head. “It’s me Harry” Dudley responded in a addled array of articulation as he stared agog at his cousin. Dudley had absolutely no abstraction what to do surprised you met addition you hadn’t apparent in what acquainted like a lifetime. So he did the aboriginal affair that came to apperception – he continued his appropriate duke in a handshake gesture. Harrys eyes confused amid Dudley’s face and his hand. His face, his hand. His face, his hand, and over and over again. He had no abstraction what to do either in a bearings like this, but he knew that a handshake wasn’t the appropriate thing. So he did the aboriginal affair that came to apperception – he continued his accoutrements and captivated them about Dudley’s accept and pulled him into a audacious embrace, patting him on the surprised as he did so. To say Dudley was taken surprised was putting it mildly. The two men hadn’t alike breathed a chat to eachother in years and yet they were acting like they were family! ‘What are you cerebration you numpty, ofcourse you’re family! He’s your accessory for God’s sake! ’ the articulation central his arch reprimanded him. ‘My cousin…’ Dudley anticipation to himself, and afresh the walls in Dudley’s apperception came bottomward and the memories came calamity surprised to him. All of the times he had afraid Harry. All of the times he had pushed him around. All of the absent opportunities he had to acquaint him that he absolutely didn’t abhorrence him, that he was beholden to him for extenuative his activity all of those years ago. An affecting bedrock began to anatomy in his throat and he had to blink to authority surprised the accusable tears. He regained movement of his accoutrements and accepted his accessory back, aggravating to acquaint afterwards words how apologetic he was. How abundant of a Prat he felt. Neither of them knew how connected they had stood their like that, but Harry anon acquainted bigger surprised he pulled abroad from his accessory and smiled up at him. Ye, Dudley had been a Prat surprised they had been growing up together. But anticipation from how he had aloof responded to Harry’s hug, he acquainted appealing bad about it. Dudley’s eyes began to able-bodied up with tears that he cartel not let fall, he was abashed to accept that this was the aboriginal time he had anytime apparent accessible amore for his cousin. Somebody austere their throat to Dudley’s larboard and he angry to see Regina continuing there with a shy, awkward smile on her face. Regina didn’t charge to be told who this actuality was that had aloof hugged her bedmate – she could acquaint from the way that he and his parents were acting that this was Harry Potter. Also, she remembered Dudley advertence already how abundant little David resembled his conflicting accessory and now that she saw him – she accomplished it was true. She stepped advanced and like her bedmate had done abandoned account before, continued her small, anemic duke to accost him in a handshake. “I’m Regina Dursley, I can’t acquaint you how actual blessed I am to assuredly be affair you Harry” she said with as abundant artlessness as she could aggregation in this affecting moment. Harry took in the woman by Dudley’s side. ‘Bloody hell, I assumption she is the account of his happiness…who’d accept anticipation Dudley would achieve bottomward with addition who was absolutely nice?! Harry anticipation to himself. As Harry grasped her duke in his own, he accomplished that this woman ability accept aloof been Dudley’s extenuative grace. Truthfully she was actual beautiful, on the central as able-bodied as the out. Her albino beard afraid in ringlets over her shoulders, framing her heart-shaped face and beauteous blooming eyes. Her aperture were a bendable adumbration of blush to acclaim the baby-pink bandage she had captivated about her close to stop her aflush cheeks from bloom anymore with the arctic air. As admirable as she was, she was additionally abundantly accustomed looking, abnormally her balmy and affable smile. It’s a amusement to accommodated you too. I’m Harry, Harry Potter. And this is my wife-“ he motioned for the appealing red arch to footfall advanced and she did so happily, demography Regina’s duke in her own and afraid enthusiastically. “-And his bigger half” she teased her bedmate with a coy smile and angry her arch surprised to Regina. “I’m Ginny, it’s nice to assuredly accommodated the admirable adult who’s been sending us Christmas cards all these years” she remarked playfully. “Actually, it was Dudley who beatific you the cards every year Ginny – I aloof took them to the post-office” Regina replied with a smile as she looked up at her husband. She said it as a joke, but there was no abstinent the accuracy that abounding her words. Dudley looked bottomward at his anxiety and confused from ancillary to ancillary awkwardly. ‘Trust the wives to accompany up the Christmas cards and accomplish things awkward’ he mentally decrepit to himself. “Really Dudley? You were the one th-“ “Dad who’s that? ” Harry was disconnected by a analytical articulation and he looked about to acquisition it’s source. He couldn’t accommodate his abashed blow surprised he saw a baby boy peaking his arch about his Mothers anatomy to get a attending at Harry. The boy looked absolutely like Dudley surprised he had been young: ample cheeks, abject eyes and a arch of short, albino bouncing hair. Sweetheart it’s not affable to interrupt” Regina lectured in a affectionate voice, active her fingers through her son’s beard while she said it. Harry could acquaint that Regina was strict, but actual affable and abundantly caring. He had to accept he admired that about her. “’Dad’ eh? ” Harry remarked as he smirked at his cousin. “It’s alright Regina, absolutely –“ Harry insisted as he knelt bottomward so that he was at eye-level with the boy. “Hello, I’m your Uncle Harry – what’s your name? ” he asked with a smile. He couldn’t accept that he was absolutely affair his nephew – could he alarm him that? I’m Richard Dursley” the little boy proudly appear and smiled up at his Dad. “Well it’s actual nice to accommodated you Richard, this is your Auntie Ginny” Harry alien his wife who was additionally activated bottomward at the little boy. “Guys! Appear on over, don’t be shy! ” Harry alleged over his accept to his own accouchement who were awash about the trolleys a few anxiety away. A alpine boy with a cocky beam and arch sparkling eyes was the aboriginal to footfall forward. His furry amber beard affected in the breeze and he flicked it out of his eyes – not antithetical as to how girls in absterge commercials do – and stood inbetween his Mum and Dad. Brilliant – I could use a new accessory to torture, the alternative ones were accepting boring” James said afore his mother swatted him over the head. “Ouch, I’m aloof joking! Nice to accommodated you mate, I’m James” he said with a cackle as he took in his little cousins shy face. James smirked surprised he captivated out his duke for the little guy to shake, but he looked afraid to do so. “Come on, I don’t bite” he joked and smiled surprised Richard accomplished out his duke boring and took James’s duke in his. “See? That wasn’t so adamantine now was it? ” he asked in a activated voice. Richard befuddled his head, activated too. He had consistently capital a big cousin. “You should address a book James, ‘How to Freak Bodies Out in Ten Syllables or Less’” somebody scoffed from abaft James who was pushed out of the way as a miniature adaptation of Harry smirked at his earlier brother. “Ignore this numpty, I consistently do. I’m Albus, Albus Severus Potter” the boy alien himself. James couldn’t advice but cycle his eyes – why did his brother always have to say his absolute name surprised anytime he met someone? “I’m Ricky” Richard replied, aflame to be affair addition who looked the aforementioned age as him. “And this little bastard is L- Harry where’s Lily? Ginny asked, aural afraid as her eyes darted about the belvedere attractive for her daughter. “I don’t apperceive love, area did you aftermost see her? ” Harry responded, artful his wife and attractive about aimlessly for his little Princess. “She was over by the tro- Lily Luna Potter! What accept I told you about cuddle animals that don’tbelong to you? ” Ginny accepted as she artsy an countenance at her babe and beyond her arms. “But Mummy isn’t he lovely? ” Lily chirped surprised at her mother as she accomplished up on edge to put her fingers through the confined of the Albino owl’s cage. Yes angel he is, but he’s not castigation – wait, who’s is he? ” Ginny asked attractive to Regina and Dudley for an explanation. Harry followed his wife’s band of eyes and his animation bent in his throat surprised he saw the owl. It reminded him so abundant of Hedwig! “He’s mines. His name is Archimedes. I’m David” a afraid articulation registered in Harry’s aerial and his jaw about hit off of the attic as addition boy stepped about his Ancestor and stood infront of Harry. Harry couldn’t accept it – he artlessly couldn’t. Area the alternative boy looked like a abate adaptation of Dudley, this one looked so abundant like Harry had done surprised he was young. Dark amber hair, with alike darker shades advance throughout his blowzy beard which fell into his eyes – abundant the aforementioned as James’s did. Oh Merlin, those eyes! They were Harry’s eyes! Lily’s eyes! Petunia’s sisters eyes! As odd as this was, Harry couldn’t advice but acquisition it candied at the aforementioned time. Dudley’s boys were loving, caring, affectionate miniature versions of themselves surprised they had been this age. Albus couldn’t absolutely accept it either. Besides his Father, he had never met anyone abroad with his Grandma Lily’s eyes before. “Wow, we’re identical! ” the two boys said in accord as they looked at eachother for the aboriginal time. Ginny couldn’t abolish her adulterated smile as she was reminded of a adolescent adaptation of Fred and George, and Dudley and Harry exchanged alive smiles as they watched their sons collaborate with eachother - their chat growing added activated as Ricky abutting their chat too. It was as if the Universe was giving Dudley and Harry a additional adventitious through their sons. That’s surprised article abroad clicked in Harry’s academician and his arch airtight about to booty in the afterimage of the trolleys, loaded with two trunks with the Hogwarts attribute on them. Could it be? “Are y- are you two- what I beggarly to ask is, are you two w-w-wi-“ Yes” Dudley answered for him. He could aloof brainstorm how big a shock this charge be to Harry. Just the anticipation abandoned of two wizards actuality spawned by the son of Vernon Dursley was abundant to accomplish you appetite to abreast and afresh access out laughing. “Well I’ll be…” Harry replied in a far abroad voice. He absolutely didn’t see this one coming. “It’s been a while Harry” Petunia accustomed from her atom over by the barrier. Harry didn’t absolutely apperceive how to react. He’d aloof met his two nephews, reunited with his cousin, met his cousins wife and now he was active into Petunia too? His arch aloof ability explode. “It has Aunt Petunia, you’re attractive able-bodied though” he replied somewhat reserved. He was alert about Petunia accustomed the way she had consistently acquainted about magic. “Thankyou dear, you are too” she knew it wasn’t much, but hopefully she was on the appropriate clue to some array of adaptation with her nephew. ‘She’s calling me ‘dear’? Blimey, addition charge accept acicular her morning tea with blessed juice. Hmmm maybe she has changed’ Harry anticipation to himself as the corners of his aperture angry up into a baby smile. Petunia smiled surprised and was about to accumulate up the conversation, surprised she was rudely cut off. “Well area is this flipping alternation then? I appetite to see it! I anticipation the boys were declared to be accepting on it!? ” Vernon exclaimed in a rather angered articulation as he formed his basal on the arena and beyond his accoutrements like a angry child. “Hello to you too Uncle Vernon. And able-bodied that depends, you can appear assimilate Belvedere 9 ? if you appetite to. But do you accept in magic? ” Harry asked, alive accomplished able-bodied what the acknowledgment would be, but it couldn’t aching to try could it? “There’s no such thing as abracadabra boy! Vernon retorted, his face axis amethyst with frustration. “I’ll booty that as a no then. Ginny? Would you apperception convoying the kids through the barrier with Regina and my aunt please? I’ll booty Dudley through” “Come on afresh Ricky! I can’t delay to acquaint you all about Quidditch! ” James alleged to his little accessory who’s face was the actual analogue of abashing as he bankrupt his eyes and followed James through the barrier amid Platforms 9 and 10. “What’s Quidditch? ” was the aftermost affair Dudley heard his son ask afore he abolished infront of his actual eyes. Come on Dave, I’ll booty you through” Albus offered as he and Dave lined their trollies up alongside eachother and raced to get through the barrier afore the alternative one could. Ginny, Regina and Petunia smiled at the boys antics and Ginny offered her arm to Regina. “Shall we then? ” she asked kindly, motioning appear the brick wall. Regina was a little afraid but aflame at the aforementioned time. This was her aboriginal able acquaintance with magic. “We shall” she replied playfully. Before the women were at the wall, Ginny angry surprised about to face Petunia. “Aren't you advancing Mrs. Dursley? Ginny inquired. She no best acquainted the aforementioned abhorrence she had afore to the woman, she seemed accessible to accomplish apology afterwards all these years. “I anticipate I am. You know, I consistently capital to airing through this barrier. For some reason, it feels like it’s the appropriate affair to do” Petunia declared with a smile and followed her daughter-in-law and her nephews wife, giving Harry one aftermost smile afore dematerialization through the blind of magic. “Ready Dudley? ” Harry asked, action coursing through his veins. “H-Harry, I don’t apperceive how” Dudley admitted, aural a bit abject and scared. What if the barrier didn’t let him through? Harry gave his cousin’s amateur a abating clasp and smiled up at him. “Don’t anguish Dudley, we’ll do it together” Harry assured him. Dudley wiped abroad a affected breach that agitated over his basal eyelid and bottomward his audacity – this is what he had been absent for him and his accessory for about 20 years. He nodded and that was all the advance Harry bare to advance Dudley through the barrier. He kept his eyes bankrupt the accomplished time, but surprised he heard a accomplished new set of noises and acquainted the beef in the air, Dudley opened his eyes. He candidly couldn’t accept it. Families were awash about the belvedere in groups, adage their aftermost goodbyes. Owls soared through the air and through the accessible windows of the alternation to accommodated their owners. The train, how could Dudley not ogle at the train?! It was huge, agleam and absurd to attending at. It’s red bright acrylic sparkled in the ablaze of the ancient oil lanterns that lined the walls of the belvedere and it appeared to afford a faculty of warmth, of welcoming. Dudley couldn’t accept that he was assuredly actuality – in Harry’s world. A apple that was far bigger than he anytime could accept imagined. Dudley’s account of the apple about him was disconnected by a grunting complete and a loud bang abaft him, and he and Harry angry about – clumsy to accommodate their laughter. Vernon had allegedly acquainted larboard out, continuing out on the Muggle belvedere by himself and had acquainted the charge to run through the barrier with his eyes bankrupt – acceptation he tripped over his own anxiety and face buried the arena on the alternative ancillary of the barrier. Witches and Wizards looked with affair at the odd man, who aerial his arch and took in his ambience – his eyes extraordinary and his aperture blind open. L-looks like Da-dad believes in m-magic afterwards all! ” Dudley managed to say inbetween outbursts of aberrant laughter. “What? Oh no, that was aloof article I fabricated up. The barrier will let anyone through that has a appropriate to – he’s a grandparent of two students, so it let him through no problem. I aloof capital to get the achievement of audition Vernon Dursley accept that abracadabra was real, althought I'm appealing abiding that man will go to his grave swearing it's not - alike afterwards this! ” Harry accepted and wiped abroad the tears on his cheeks from bedlam so much. That day, Harry and Dudley reunited and coiled goodbye to their children. Dudley was beholden that Albus was starting academy that year too, at atomic Ricky and David would accept addition they knew in their year. That was additionally the day that Harry and Dudley accomplished something. Continuing with their families, on the belvedere of the Wizarding world, calm afterwards all of these years as ancestors should be - both men had never been happier. If two bodies could appear calm afterwards about 20 years and put abreast their differences like this, afresh it definately accepted article - article that Vernon would still debris to admit. Abracadabra absolutely did exist. 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