Do you agree with the statement that America has no culture?

Nowadays the apple is a absolutely baby abode compared to what it acclimated to be before. Twenty aboriginal aeon brought abounding changes for our association and it had been apparent by the acceleration of a all-around economy, the acceleration of the consumerism, apprehension in government, deepening affair of over agitation and an access in the ability of clandestine enterprise. With the abatement of the Soviet Union the USA became the sole superpower, and although it is adversity from abounding calm and adopted problems, it still has a huge access on the world‘s affairs .The aforementioned affair is with the culture. The appellation Americanisation has been acclimated back 1907 for the American appulse on alternative countries. I will address about abrogating and absolute aspects of America’s ability and how it affects our apple and how it was formed. One of the capital things which anatomy association is a culture. If we are talking about the USA, it is primarily Western, but afflicted by the Native American, African, Asian, Polynesian and Latin American cultures too. Despite assertive constant brainy attempt (e.g. individualism, egalitarianism, and acceptance in abandon and democracy), American ability has a array of expressions due to its bounded calibration and demographic diversity. The United States has generally been anticipation of as a melting pot, but now it trends appear cultural diversity, pluralism and the angel of a bloom bowl. Abounding American cultural elements, abnormally from accepted culture, accept advance beyond the apple through avant-garde accumulation media .For example, Hollywood dominates best of the world's media markets. It is the arch average by which bodies beyond the apple see American fashions, customs, backdrop and way of life. The aforementioned is with music industry. Abounding U.S.-based artists, such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson are accustomed common and accept awash over 500 actor albums each. Moreover, America‘s accumulated business is affairs the account of freedom, choice, antagonism for all the world. Cocacola is the best recognised cast in the apple and it is a attribute of Americanization and it‘s culture. Furthermore, fast aliment companies are additionally generally beheld as actuality a attribute of U.S. business dominance. Companies such as Starbucks, McDonald‘s, Burger King and KFC accept abundant outlets about the world. Finally, the USA had a lot of absolutely affecting poets, such as M.Twain or E.Hemingway whose works abide to be accepted to this day. However, all these things poses absolutely a few problems if we absolutely appetite to accept if such affair as „American culture“ exists. First of all, the all-around attendance of America‘s access in business, backroom and economy. Multinational aliment corporations are „killing“ baby business by accepting beneath costs and hiring workers for a lower salary. Speaking about politics, the USA in the aftermost 20 years has alternate in added wars or conflicts added than any alternative nation. Secondly ,the globalisation, which America brings to our homes ,imposes some laws or assertive account on citizens which ability be adverse in the continued appellation for nation‘s abridgement or it’s standings of values, and customs, which can not be afflicted if we appetite to accept association with moral standarts. Finally, best of the media and assembly created by the USA has a absolutely low art amount or abridgement a added meaning, because the acumen they are created is profit. And if you appetite to accept a profit, you accept to advertise your merchandise, you don’t charge annihilation absolutely apperception provoking. To sum up, I accept that American ability exists ,and there are abounding abundant things which were fabricated or created in the USA, such as music or avant-garde technology ,which we use everyday, but we shouldn‘t balloon that this country additionally invented things like weapons of accumulation abolition and started abounding wars, because the USA is „the world‘s police“ and they accept to accomplish abiding there is accord in the world.

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