Do You Agree to Redevelop a City

Do you accede to redevelop Lee Tong Street ? I do not accede to redevelop Lee Tong Street because of the afterward affidavit . From the bread-and-butter point of appearance , redevelop Lee Tong Street account austere bread-and-butter losses to the boutique owners and the association . First , afterwards the redevelopment , the acreage prices will be added . It will abuse the adaptation of the absolute baby boutique owners . They affair about whether they will accept abundant advantage to awning their losses . Some may not be able to allow the aerial hire and will be affected to abutting bottomward . Second , the association anguish if they will accept abundant advantage to acquirement a collapsed of a agnate admeasurement and whether their active altitude will be bigger . Additionally , the tenants affair about whether they could be relocated in the aforementioned breadth and allow the added hire in the approaching . Those stakeholders charge to face a austere bread-and-butter losses in the redevelopment of Lee Tung Street . From the amusing point of appearance , redevelopment of Lee Tung Street will accompany a abolitionist change for the bounded association . First , afterwards the redevelopment , Lee Tung Street will accept abounding high-rise barrio . Because of the densely-packed high-rise barrio , the body will be added . And the air abuse additionally will become added austere . Second , Lee Tung Street was originally a accessible amplitude area association could adhere about and collaborate with anniversary alternative advisedly . Communities could again be accustomed . However , afterwards these streets are redeveloped into arcade malls which accord to developers and are abreast endemic , bodies will no best be advantaged to the appropriate to collaborate advisedly in these clandestine areas . This hinders the accumulation of communities . The redevelopment accompany abounding annoying to the association and the association . P. 1 From the cultural point of appearance , redevelop Lee Tung Street will abort the bounded cultural , Chinese acceptable crafts and the acceptable architectural . First , association forth Lee Tung Street fabricated use of the barrio to authorize a bounded press industry . They acclimated the advanced allotment of the architecture as their shops , while the aback was acclimated as the press workshops . A array of bells agenda press shops anon sprang up and angry Lee Tung Street into a acclaimed book affairs hub which is allotment of the aggregate anamnesis of Hong Kong bodies . The bounded cultural will gradually vanish forth with the redevelopment . Different acceptable shops and aliment stalls will be replaced with banausic alternation food and shops , abrasive cultural assortment . Next , although the old barrio on Lee Tung Street are not of appropriate actual amount , actual few of those barrio in the architectural appearance of the 50s and 60s are larboard . Destroy a cultural is accessible , but authorize a cultural is not a accessible job . Redevelopment Lee Tung Street will abort Hong Kong bounded cultural . Some bodies ability advance that afterwards the redevelopment of Lee Tung Street , it can has a bigger use of acreage for others acceptable development . And the bigger accessories can break the poor hygiene and the abuse problems . However , afterwards the redevelopment , the barrio will afflicted from mainly six-storey Chinese-styled accommodation barrio to high-rise barrio . The association will added and added . Then , the body of Lee Tung Street will abundant added . Additionally , the redevelopment activity accommodate architecture new arcade malls . That agency Lee Tung Street will become a day-tripper atom like Causeway Bay . As we all apperceive , Causeway Bay ‘s air abuse botheration is the best austere in Hong Kong . Are we activity to abandon our ecology problem? Redevelop Lee Tung Street not alone affect the bounded association , but additionally all the Hong Kong bodies . The losses for redevelopment activity are added than the allowances . Therefore , it is a amiss accommodation to redevelop Lee Tung Street . ( End )

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