Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Dallin Bringhurst February 12, 2013 1st Persuasive Essay There is abundant anonymity back it comes to alive who is an Eagle Scout. I feel that an Eagle Advance conducts a activity appearance that represents a acceptable person. The advance law states: “A advance is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. ” John Proctor holds abounding ancestry that are agnate to an Eagle Scout. I will focus on three basal aspects of the advance law and how John Proctor relates to them. First, I will chronicle how John Proctor shows courage in the face of death. Then, I will altercate how he is loyal to his family. Finally, I will authenticate that he is helpful. These three basal ancestry are accomplished conduct by abounding leaders in our community. I will now go into added detail on my topics. First, courage is a attenuate trait, abnormally back faced with death. John Proctor approved courage by continuing afore a Adjudicator and demography accusation for the girls’ abuse behavior. John Proctor says, “I allege my own sins; I cannot adjudicator another. I accept no argot for it. ” (page 131) John Proctor remained adventurous throughout the aisle as he testified afore Adjudicator Danforth. He says, “Because it is my name! Because I cannot accept addition in my life! Because I lie and assurance myself to lies! Because I am not account the dust on the anxiety of them that hang! How may I alive after my name? I accept accustomed you my soul; leave me my name! ” (page 138) His courage ultimately led to his acute afterlife as he was bedevilled to be hung. Second, adherence is article that bonds relationships. Actuality a loyal actuality is accepting aerial values. I see it as giving up article that can action actual beatitude for article that has abiding happiness. John Proctor struggled with actuality loyal to his wife because he had an activity with addition woman; he was abandoned in his behavior. John becomes added loyal to his wife back she was accused of actuality a witch. The afterward adduce by John Proctor proves that he is loyal to his wife. He says, "'I'll acquaint you what's walking Salem - avengement is walking Salem. We are what we consistently were in Salem, but now the little crazy accouchement are antagonistic the keys of the kingdom, and accepted avengement writes the law! This warrant's vengeance! I'll not accord my wife to vengeance! '" Act 2, Scene 4, pg. 73. He additionally says, “Life, woman, activity is God's best adored gift; no principle, about glorious, may absolve the demography of it. ” (Act IV). To be loyal is a abundant aspect in activity because it will appearance how acceptable a actuality absolutely is. John was a acceptable actuality for actual loyal to his wife throughout the trails. Finally, I will allocution about actuality accessible to others by starting off with a adduce by Clarence Darrow: “The best that we can do is to be attentive and accessible against our accompany and adolescent passengers…” (“Clarence S. Darrow quotes 1998-2005”). We charge be accessible to others who are in charge of out help. John Proctor is apparent as a actual accessible man. In the book he is actuality begin allowance his neighbors out with their farms or acid wood. In conclusion, I accept aloof gone over the three basal attributes that I accept makes a acceptable person. I accompanying how John Proctor connected to be adventurous back faced with death. Then, I argued how he remained loyal to his wife. Finally, I approved that he is helpful. These three attributes chronicle to John Proctor in abounding means as he uses these activity appearance choices in his activity throughout The Crucible. John Proctor is a acceptable man in a apple bedeviled with evil. This final adduce sums up the man that was John Proctor, “It is attenuate for bodies to be asked the catechism which puts them absolutely in advanced of themselves”.

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