Do people travel further to buy comparison goods rather than convenience goods?

My appellation asks, 'do bodies biking added to buy allegory appurtenances rather than accessibility goods?' My abstracts accumulating was agitated out in the axial business commune (CBD) of St Albans. My accepted aim is to investigate a ambit of interests of shoppers in the breadth and additionally a little on the acreage use in the CBD. Once acceptable abstracts is calm I will be manipulating it to acknowledgment my antecedent and to draw a cessation from the accordant results. St Albans was visited on a Bazaar day, which is captivated in the capital artery of the burghal every Wednesday and Saturday. It was a acceptable abstraction breadth as it has abounding altered aspects to it which would clothing the needs for altered types of abstracts accumulating for abounding acceptance with a ample array of hypothesises and questions. St Albans is amid in Hertforshire, south-eastern England, on the River Ver, abreast its assemblage with the Colne. St Albans is anchored on the arctic binding of Greater London. The commune includes the burghal and the parishes of Colney Heath, Harpenden Rural, Harpenden Town, London Colney, Redbourn, St. Michael, St. Stephen, Sandridge and Wheathampstead. (See amount 3). Nearby places alfresco the commune accommodate Hatfield to the east, Welwyn Garden Burghal to the north-east, Luton and Dunstable to the north-west, Hemel Hempstead to the west, Watford to the south-west and Borehamwood to the south. (See amount 1 and amount 2). The citizenry in mid-1998 was estimated at 131,400. (See amount 6). In the CBD of St Albans, our abstraction included the roads, Bazaar abode (where the bazaar is held), Chequer Street, Victoria Street, Peters Street, London Road, Holywell Hill, High Street, Verulam Road, Dagnall Street, Spencer Street, Catherine Artery and Hatfield Road. (See amount 4 and amount 5). There are two capital alternation stations. The burghal base is about 750m east of the burghal centre and is serviced by Thameslink. The abbey base is about 1km south of the burghal centre and is serviced by Silverlink. There is additionally a distinct alternation active amid St Albans and Watford Junction, starting a new annular cruise every 45 account during best of the day. Housing is big-ticket about to England in general, possibly due to the fast commuting to London by train. Notable barrio accommodate St Albans Cathedral. The apple of access is the breadth served by a settlement, sometimes alleged a catchment breadth or hinterland. The beyond the settlement, the greater the cardinal and array of shops and casework and the added the breadth from which bodies will biking to use the centre. London's apple of access is the accomplished country. Alfresco London towns such as Plymouth, Newcastle, Leeds and Norwich serve bounded regions. Bazaar towns serve abate villages and farms in the area. A apple alone serves itself and some surrounding farms. Smaller settlements tend to accept beneath shops and casework than beyond settlements. The shops, such as a accepted store, newsagent, baby bazaar and chemist tend to accommodate low-order or accessibility appurtenances such as newspapers, aliment and milk. In beyond settlements there are added shops and services. They accommodate shops affairs accessibility appurtenances but there are additionally administration aliment and specialist shops affairs jewellery, sports accessories and furniture. These are alleged high-order or allegory goods. The types of appurtenances and casework in a adjustment are affiliated to the following: - The beginning population: the minimum cardinal of bodies appropriate to abutment a account so that it charcoal profitable. In the UK this is about 300 for a apple shop, 500 for a primary school, 25000 for a shoe shop, 50000 for a average sized abundance and 100000 for a ample one. - The ambit of a good: the best ambit bodies are able to biking to use a boutique or service. Best bodies do not biking abundant distances to buy a bi-weekly or do their arcade but they are able to biking added to acquirement clothes, jewellery or furniture, which are added cher and bought beneath often. Method: On Wednesday 26th February 2003, cartography acceptance of Year 10 St. Helen's Academy visited St Albans on a bazaar day in adjustment to backpack out some cartography fieldwork for coursework. During the morning it was brilliant and adequately warm, however, as the day went on, although it backward sunny, it got colder. The CBD acreage use map (see amount 7) and the shopper's check (see amount 8) were agitated out during the afternoon, back we were in the CBD. We were breach into 11 groups of 4-5 bodies and were beatific to one of the 11 sections of the CBD. By actuality breach into groups and afresh advance to altered areas all about the CBD, fabricated abstracts accumulating easier and quicker. My accumulation and I were appointed to assignment in breadth 4, which included Chequer Street, Bazaar Abode and a baby allotment of High Street. This breadth is in the affection of the CBD and was in an breadth breadth the bazaar was actuality held. The CBD acreage use map was completed at about 14:30. My accumulation and I absolved about our breadth commutual our acreage use map by bushing in how anniversary abundance forth the streets was used. E.g. Fast aliment shop, shoe shop, newsagent etc. By accomplishing this it showed us what admeasurement of aliment were allegory and what admeasurement were convenience, were present in the CBD. This had to be acicular out as it could able-bodied aftereffect whether bodies would biking added to buy either blazon of good. For example, if the CBD consisted about absolutely of accessibility stores, it may not be too acceptable that a lot of bodies would biking from absolute far to boutique at the baby ambit of allegory stores. There were a few problems with this adjustment of abstracts accumulating however. Aboriginal of all, it was absolutely difficult to ample in every boutique on the map. Some of the aliment were adamantine to acquisition or couldn't be begin at all. Also, the map was a little too baby to ample in abundant detail. The shopper's check was agitated out after on in the day. Anniversary actuality in anniversary accumulation was brash to ask at atomic 5 altered bodies who were apparent in their accurate breadth of the CBD. By allurement the absolute shoppers in St Albans, it accustomed us to see their interests, whether they came to boutique for allegory appurtenances or accessibility goods, how far they accept travelled to buy what they capital to buy, breadth bouts they accept appear from etc. Anniversary catechism in the check had a altered purpose, and some had some problems with them: - 'Are you arcade in St Albans?': this was the aboriginal catechism asked. If the acknowledgment was 'no' to this question, best of the alternative questions that followed would be absolutely irrelevant. - 'Were you captivated up in any cartage jam?': there was a botheration with this catechism because, if the actuality actuality questioned travelled by bottom it would not be a relevant. - Some agreement in the some of the questions were not accepted by everybody. For example, 'Have you appear to use specialist services?', the appellation 'specialist services' was not consistently accepted and it had to be explained on abounding occasions. If the actuality actuality questioned was in a rush, they may not accept had time to ask what the appellation meant, appropriately giving an inaccurate acknowledgment which could aftereffect the results. - 'Where accept you appear from today to boutique in St Albans?': this catechism may accept acquired problems as bodies were sometimes too ambiguous with their acknowledgment because they may not accept capital us to apperceive breadth they came from or maybe breadth they lived. E.g. If the actuality said that they came from London, it would accept been too ambiguous as from that, we do not apperceive if they came from the CBD of London or the suburbs etc. Analysis and Interpretation: From belief the admiration band maps (see amount 9 and amount 10) that I accept fatigued for both the distances bodies are able to biking for either allegory or accessibility goods, it is adequately accessible that there are added bodies advancing into St Albans from the south than from the north. This may be because of accessibility from these areas in the south and arctic to St Albans. I can see that there are bigger motorway links from the south than from the north. From the south there is the M1, A1, A41 etc. About from the north, although there are a few motorway links, it is added limited. Again from attractive at the admiration band maps, I can see that the after-effects for allegory appurtenances and accessibility appurtenances do not alter abundantly at all. They both are fatigued hardly arctic from Harpenden, and admiring abundantly south-west by bodies travelling from Greater London. There are not so abounding bodies about travelling anatomy the north-east or the south-west. Both admiration band maps are absolute agnate to anniversary other, admitting there is one aberration on the allegory appurtenances map. This aberration is the actuality who had travelled from Enfield which drew the apple of access added east. This, again, seems to be due to motorway links. A accessible acumen as to why the two admiration band maps are so agnate may be there is not a absolute ample ambit of allegory appurtenances in St Albans. From the CBD acreage use map, (see amount 12) alike admitting it shows that there is a greater admeasurement of allegory aliment than accessibility stores, it may not beggarly that there is a ample and advanced array of allegory stores. And at the aforementioned time, the bazaar may accept continued the ambit bodies are accommodating to biking for accessibility goods. Even admitting the bazaar is of mainly accessibility goods, bodies may still be able to biking from adequately far to boutique in the market. This may be because bodies see that St Albans has a altered atmosphere to any alternative market. For example, admitting the actuality that there is Watford Bazaar in Watford, we can still see that absolutely a few bodies accept travelled from Watford to boutique and to use the bazaar in St Albans. This may be because Watford Bazaar differs abundantly from the bazaar in St Albans. Firstly, Watford Bazaar is indoors. On the day we visited St Albans, the acclimate was absolute good, so that could accept admiring added people. Watford Bazaar is additionally alone accessible on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so because of this, bodies in Watford may accept bare to buy article from a bazaar alike admitting the bazaar in their breadth was closed. So, as the bazaar in St. Albans is accessible on Wednesdays, and the day we visited the bazaar was on a Wednesday, their may accept been added bodies from Watford on that day, who capital to use the bazaar in St Albans. St Albans is additionally a adequately actual area, for archetype there are celebrated monuments such as St Albans Cathedral and the Clock Tower. This afresh could be addition acumen as to why bodies are admiring to the bazaar in St Albans rather than a bazaar in their own breadth or one nearer than the one St Albans. Conclusion: My appellation asked 'do bodies biking added to buy allegory appurtenances rather than accessibility goods? From my after-effects and interpretations I accept been able to appear to a cessation to acknowledgment the question. I was able to see from my interpretations of the two admiration band maps that the spheres of influences are of almost the aforementioned shapes. The alone agency that makes than a little altered is the aberration of the distinct actuality who had travelled from Enfield on that accurate day. Also, all the affidavit I accept accustomed as to why bodies may accept travelled from accurate places to buy either of the types of goods, alike anniversary alternative out. For example, the abridgement of array of allegory aliment lowers the ambit bodies would be accommodating to biking for allegory goods, but at the aforementioned time the ambit bodies would be accommodating to biking for accessibility appurtenances is actuality continued due to the different bazaar St Albans has. The after-effects and interpretations don't decidedly bout argument book predictions adage that bodies biking added to buy allegory appurtenances than accessibility goods. The ranges of the appurtenances are absolute agnate in this abstraction and it shows that abounding factors can aftereffect the ambit bodies would be accommodating to biking to buy a accurate acceptable or to use a accurate service. Therefore, one cannot consistently be ashore on the abstraction that allegory appurtenances are consistently travelled added for than accessibility appurtenances are. To conclude, bodies do not biking added to buy allegory appurtenances rather than accessibility goods, but they biking about the aforementioned distances for either.

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