Do American citizens have an obligation to be politically active in times of injustice?

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Write a 4 page double-spaced (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. essay that answers this question:

Do American citizens accept an obligation to be politically alive in times of injustice?

If your acknowledgment is yes:Use quotes and paraphrases from Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” to abutment your thesis.You can additionally use any alternative sources you like.Make abiding to adduce them on your Works Cited page.
If your acknowledgment is no:You may accept to acquisition alternative sources to abutment your assertions, but you may be able to use some quotes and paraphrases from Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” if alone to disagree with it or acknowledge to it.
If you’re not abiding and you appetite to adapt the affair a bit, accelerate me a bulletin to get approval.(Don’t delay until the night afore it is due…I ability be asleep!)  For example, if you accept a home country alternative than the USA. You ability appetite to analyze your country’s action on political activism to the USA’s. That’s fine; you don’t charge to ask permission for that.Or maybe you appetite to about-face the affair into a yes/no answer, like, “In some means Americans are answerable to accost injustice, and in alternative means they aren’t.” That’s accomplished and you don’t accept to analysis with me first.Guideline: As continued as you are acclamation the accepted affair I am satisfied. The ambition is to use Dr. King’s acclaimed article in some way, in accession to alternative sources you find.

Keep in apperception that there is no appropriate answer; you are not actuality graded on your political stance/ position/ opinion, but whether or not you abutment your argument.

SOURCE MATERIAL: "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" by Dr. Martin Luther King

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  1. Make abiding that your article has an introduction, conclusion, and affair sentences for anatomy paragraphs. These concepts are addressed in modules and in The West Guide. In this essay, your apriorism is your acknowledgment to the prompt. Everything abroad in the article (your affair sentences, and the examples you choose) should be organized about that.
  1. Use examples from the argument in the anatomy of paraphrases and quotes from the book to abutment your assertions. At the end of every book in which you use a quote, put a folio commendation like so (56)--unless, as I told you in class, you already formed the folio cardinal into the sentence, or, you are commendation from a antecedent with no folio number.

Works Cited Page

You may accept alone one antecedent on your Works Cited page: King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Still accept one; it’s acceptable practice. Many bodies will accept added than aloof this source.

Helpful West Guide Chapters for Writing Article 2

Ch. 6  Fragments p.121

Ch. 10 Prewriting, Brainstorming, etc. p.183

Ch. 11 Writing the Draft p. 191

  • Thesis Statements  p.191
  • Topic Sentences      p.197
  • Transitions              p.201                                   

Ch. 13 Introductions p.223

Ch. 12 Evidence  p. 207

Ch. 14  Conclusions p.233

Ch. 22 Documenting Your Sources p.385

            Sample Essays, etc.

  1. 387-391 in-text commendation and allegation (when you aspect a adduce to an author)

List of Signal Verbs (said, claimed, argued, etc.) P. 161

Ch. 16 Revising and Polishing p. 251

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